10 Deleted Scenes That Would Have Made these Superhero Movies Even Better

Sometimes movies end up showing so much of their material in the trailers, that when the final cut releases at the big screen then people actually expect those scenes to be in the movie. The problem begins when the movie does not have many of those that were shown in the marketing material as they have the potential to actually make the movie better. Here are some of those deleted scenes that might have made the movie better:

 1. Ant-Man – The 10 Rings 

10 Deleted Scenes That Would Have Made these Superhero Movies Even Better

In a deleted scene from Ant-Man, Darren Cross, the main villain shows off his own version of Pym’s shrinking technology to potential buyers. It gives us viewers a better view of his lab, but that’s not the important part. If you look closely, one of those potential buyers has a tattoo on his neck. It’s the Ten Rings tattoo.

The last time we saw that was in the original Iron Man movie – it was the mark of the terrorist organization that kidnapped Stark and terrorized the countryside. Showing this scene in the movie would have meant that the organization was still active even after the events of Iron Man 1 & 3. This way, not only Ant-Man would have become better, but the Ten Rings could also be brought back in future MCU movies.

 2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Black Widow’s Past 

Captain America: Winter Soldier makes it to many fans’ best-of-the-MCU lists with a great story that spotlights one of the MCU’s underused characters: Black Widow. It seems like we’ve been waiting for ages for her solo movie, and we know it’s not coming anytime soon. We saw a little bit from Nat’s past in Age of Ultron and heard about her experiences in Budapest with Hawkeye.

But there was a scene pointing out towards her dark backstory in Captain America 2 and it would have been shown as a flashback when Natasha was uploading all of SHIELD’s secrets on the internet. Marvel could actually have used this scene in the upcoming Black Widow movie as well, along with what they showed in Age of Ultron.

 3. The Wolverine – Comic accurate suit

At the very end of The Wolverine, there was a scene where a comic accurate suit in the traditional Yellow and Black Colour was presented to Logan. Even though he might or might not have worn it in the future, it would surely have been a cool Easter Egg loved by everyone who saw the movie.

 4. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Extended Fight

The Batman V Superman we got in the theatres was poorly edited as it deleted so many plot points which would have explained the movie even better to everyone. Those scenes made it to the Ultimate Edition but it still felt that so much more could be done with the movie. Well, the original cut of BvS as reported earlier, was 4 Hours Long.

While the plot of the movie was pretty justified in the 3 hours of the Ultimate edition, we could have had an extended battle between Batman and Superman. The movie gave us a fight that ended in just 8 minutes, but the 4-hour cut had a 14-minute long fight sequence which would have been much appreciated by all the viewers.

 5. Suicide Squad – The Joker

Suicide Squad went through significant reshoots and the entire 3rd act of the movie was actually changed. The theatrical cut that we got had so less of the Joker that you could completely remove him from the plot and it will still remain the same. But it was reported that the movie actually shot enough material with Jared Leto’s Joker that a solo Joker movie could be made out of it. So, at least some of that should have been in the movie to give it a better look.

 6. Justice League – All Backstories

Superhero Movies, Deleted Scenes

Justice League was a step in the right direction, but it majorly failed due to the lack of development of all its characters. While Batman and Wonder Woman got a whole lot of screen time, Joss Whedon had to sacrifice upon the new characters like Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman.

If the fans knew more about these characters, they could have bonded better with them. So, we should get a cut that at least includes the scenes like Barry saving Iris, Victor as a football player in the past, Aquaman speaking to Vulko and Mera in Atlantis. The backstory should also have included an extended sequence of the ancient battle which would have been in the Snyder cut.

 7. Justice League – Superman cut scenes 

Apparently, there was a lot cut out from Justice League in order to make it into a 2 hour cut from a supposed 3-hour cut, so just one point cannot justify everything that might have made the movie better. Superman got very less to do in the movie since half the movie was about his resurrection.

But even after his resurrection, there were scenes which showed him going back to his ship for a new suit, also giving us a look at his black suit simultaneously. Also, the scene where Superman goes to meet Alfred would have been amazing, but it did not end up in the final cut, so be it!

 8. Fantastic Four 2015 – The Thing’s AirDrop

Well, there is nothing in the world that can actually save Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four in any way. It was poor and it will stay the very same. But there was something that could have actually made the movie bearable. It was so short on action sequences and even then there were some supposedly great scenes which were edited. One of those scenes was The Thing Dropping from a plane on a secret mission. Well, that and the following fight scene could have lifted the movie in some way, but that didn’t happen. 

 9. Deadpool 2 – X Force Scenes

Deadpool 2 was a total masterpiece, but there were many deleted scenes that did not make it to the final cut of even the Super Duper extended cut of the movie. The movie shot certain scenes for every individual character of the original X-Force but as it turned out, almost all the members of the team died instantaneously without having to do anything. It was great fun to see that happen but those little bits would actually have been interesting to watch, and it would have added some more hardcore action to an already jam-packed action movie.

 10. Avengers: Infinity War – Thanos Backstory

Ghost rider vs Thanos

It was revealed that there was a whole 30 Minutes backstory of Thanos which did not make it to the movie due to its already long screen time. That backstory might have given us a better look at why Thanos is who he is and what were his exact motivations. Also, the movie would have been even more extraordinary if the battle sequences were actually longer.


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