What Will Happen If These 5 Bollywood Directors Choose to Remake a Christopher Nolan Movie?



Christopher Nolan is the new age director. And all his movies have been a huge success both critically and commercially. What would happen if these 5 bollywood directors try their hands in making a desi version of Nolan’s classics? Want to know? Then check out the list below

Undoubtedly he is the most illogical director bollywood ever had. Obviously if he is given a chance to remake a Nolan movie. Then he would go for The Dark Knight. He would make his own logical story where Batman, Joker and Two face are “ Humshakals “ of each other. And the great wayne mansion would be “ Housefull “ with all the characters. And the most “ Himmatwala “ of all the characters will be able to come out of the house.

The man who forgot physic will have his share too. And his best movie for a remake would be Inception. The story of the bollywood version would be like this, the main character going on a train journey when the female lead comes and creates a dream inside his head. While he is sleeping at night.

The best part would be the bolly version of kick which would break the dream. The characters would start hitting the forehead while uttering the dialogue “ Ata maji satakli “.


The dancing legend of India is recently in news for his movies. He is directing masala movies with spicy dialogues which are not good for health. Memento would be his movie. Instead of writing important things all over his body. The main protagonist will write typical Prabhu Deva movie dialogues. Such as “Don’t angry me, It’s my way or highway. “There will be no story, only action and action. Bodies will fly all around and songs will be popping out at regular intervals with a Prabhu Deva guest appearance which will ultimately bring every one’s memory back.


He will choose Interstellar and make it a history film. He is known for making movies having running time more than three hours. He would love to explain in details. Hence we can have the bollywood version releasing in two parts.


He is known for making family drama. So The Dark Knight Rises would be the perfect film for him. He can even introduce few brothers of Bruce Wayne in his version. Ra’s al Ghul might come up with some sanskari dialogues. It will be fun watching this family drama.



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