Weapon That Even Scares Off Galactus Is Returning To Marvel

We have seen weapons like the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos used to put together all the Infinity stones and harness their powers. And when he did that, he wiped out half of life in the universe for what called – balance. If you thought that nothing as deadly as the Infinity Gauntlet could ever be seen in Marvel, wait till you hear of this. The most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe is returning. How scary is it? It is so lethal that even Galactus, who’s a cosmic-level threat is scared of it. Yes, we’re talking about the Ultimate Nullifier! It scares him so much he keeps it on his worldship, the Taa II. The weapon will be making its way into the Marvel Universe via the Fantastic Four.

The most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe, the Ultimate Nullifier will be making its grand return in Fantastic Four #28. Recent issues of the series have seen the team go up against a truly heavyweight villain, and it looks like only the Nullifier can stop her! Written by Dan Slott with art by R.B. Silva, the issue will be in stores on January 27. The weapon’s origins are unknown, although some belief it to be an aspect of Galactus himself. The weapon is capable of completely obliterating its target, but if the user is not careful, they can destroy themselves as well. There is also no known limit to the weapon’s power—it is only hindered by the user’s intellect and concentration.

Reed Richards Tony Stark

That means in the hands of someone like Reed Richards or Galactus, it can be capable of wiping out entire universes. The Ultimate Nullifier first appeared in Fantastic Four #50, way back in 1966. Galactus, as always, was threatening to gulp down the Earth, and the only possible weapon or power that could stop this world-eating monster is the Nullifier. The weapon has made only sporadic appearances since but is now officially on its way back to the Marvel Universe.

Hordes of alien refugees are pouring into New York through the Forever Gate, which links to every point in space and time. The Fantastic Four learns these refugees are fleeing the Griever at the End of All Things. The living embodiment of entropy at the universe’s end, she is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. The main problem that is at hand here is that Franklin Richards, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, no longer has his powers which strike down Fantastic Four and is a severe disadvantage. The image for the next issue’s cover shows someone wielding the weapon, but it’s unclear who it is.

The Griever is so powerful that she is able to defeat the Molecule Man single-handedly with not much trouble. So in this case, it makes perfect sense that they pull out the Nullifier, especially when Franklin Richards is off the charts. The Marvel Universe is home to many fantastic beings and weapons, each seemingly more powerful than the next, yet there is one weapon that usually sends them all packing: The Ultimate Nullifier.

Whether or not it will be able to stop the Griever is up in the air, but it may be the only hope the Fantastic Four have. Let us know what you think of this weapon and how excited you are regarding this new addition!

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