The Original Plan for Hawkeye Could Have Ruined His Arc in the Show

Marvel Studios gave us one of its best shows with Hawkeye, which also marked the final show from last year. This was one of the more grounded narratives and it took us to a different side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by navigating through an underrated Avenger. Fans of the bow and arrow wielding SHIELD Agent had a lot of theories regarding what they would be seen in the series as it was his first solo project. We got to see a narrative that gave us a lot of insight into the titular while at the same time serving us with the impact that he has on the present day. But according to recent release details the Disney+ series was supposed to show a completely different narrative. If Marvel would have used the original plan for Hawkeye, then it would have affected everything we know about Clint Barton.


Hawkeye is one of the best shows that we got from Marvel last year along with a variety of other titles. Even though it did not have any magic or multiversal elements like the other few shows, it still managed to keep us at the edge. The show introduced us to a variety of new characters while at the same time making one of our favorite characters canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though it is not known how much significance Clint Barton will have in the future of the MCU, we can be sure that Kate Bishop and Maya Lopez will have major roles to play. In a way, we can say that the series was able to work on the legacy of one of the original Avengers.


Original Plan For Hawkeye

Throughout the eight episodes of the series, we were able to witness a variety of things surrounding the character of Clint. We witness a character like Kate Bishop who was major influenced by the Avenger and was eager to follow in his footsteps. At the same time, we saw how Clint’s run as Ronin had is still something that haunts him with the character of Maya Lopez. It was an essential narrative that paid attention to everything surrounding the character of Clint along with his relationship with Natasha Romanoff. Even though fans theorized that this might be the end of Hawkeye‘s run we did see him reuniting with his family and maybe not giving up on the character yet.


The Original Plan For Hawkeye

The behind-the-scenes documentary for Hawkeye, “The Making of Hawkeye” has revealed a lot of new details regarding the project. Executive producer Trin Tran mentions in this documentary that they originally intended for the show to begin with Clint. We would have seen Clint and his family at their farm in Iowa as we see in most of his past appearances with his family in the MCU projects. But that would have created a problem considering most of Hawkeye’s narrative focused on Clint being away from his family and in the city. The idea of being away from his family during Christmas was an essential plot point and he was motivated to get back with his family.


Removing the plot point of Clint trying to reunite with his family would have affected the emotional detail of the series. The Barton family was the heart of the Hawkeye narrative and Clint’s yearning paved the way for that. When Kate asked Clint about the “branding” of Hawkeye and how people look at it, Clint did not have a perfect answer. Later in the series, we see that Hawkeye actually stands for Clint’s devotion to his family and being an Avenger at the same time. His family was the only thing that was keeping him sane. We are well aware of what happened when Clint lost his family after Thanos’ snap.


Disney+ Hawkeye Series
Original Plan For Hawkeye

Hawkeye managed to give us a deeper insight into the character while at the same time telling us a different story for the character. If it wasn’t for this series then we would have only considered certain narratives for the heroes in Avengers. It was amazing to see how a character like Hawkeye exists in the MCU and continues to prove the much more human elements of being a superhero. All the episodes of Hawkeye can be streamed on the Disney+ platform along with other deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes moments.

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