5 Things You Didn’t Know About Wolverine’s Claws

Every Wolverine fan knows that Wolverine’s Claws are what makes him a spectacular character. But how much do you really know about his Claws? Here are five things that might solve your queries:

Wolverine’s Claws Are Not True Adamantium:

In the Marvel comics, there are three types of Adamantium-True Adamantium, Secondary Adamantium, and Adamantium Beta. Adamantium Beta is the least pure, a result of Wolverine’s instant healing altering the molecular structure of the metals which then acts as part of his body. This allows him to regenerate and prevent the metal from interfering with his healing.

The Claws Are Almost Unbreakable:

As Adamantium is the strongest metal in Marvel, Wolverine has a nearly unbreakable weapon to show against his enemies. Nearly. Wolverine has faced two occurrences that ended with him having lost his claws. In the comic Wolverine V Gladiator: Galactic Guardians #1, Gladiator managed to pull out a claw and Captain America applied such force to Wolverine’s arms, that he forced the claws to retract. Magneto also used his powers to rip out all of the adamantium from his body.

Wolverine Can Retract His Claws Individually:

Wolverine can retract each claw using his muscles. He uses all six claws when in a fight, and the middle claw to people as a special version of the finger.Though it would be rare, since shooting his claws out is a painful experience for him. You must really piss him off to have the claws out.

They Were Not Always Claws:

wolverine's claws

Original Wolverine creators Len Wein (writer) and John Romita (artist) actually conceptualized Wolverine’s Claws to be part of his suit. in earlier Wolverine comics, they came out of gloves which extended from his wrist. This storyline was scrapped and a new origin story in the 80’s showcased that it was part of his body.

Wolverine’s Claws Hurt Him:

Little known fact is that Wolverine feels a whole lot of pain when the claws retract from his hands. He does not have special holes in between hi finger like you might assume. His ability to inhumanly heal fast covers the fact that he feels the sting with every use. Wolverine is too tough to show it to his enemies.

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