Here’s How Superman Influenced DCEU’s Wonder Woman

In the world of superheroes, there are some which resonate more than others do. It’s a mysterious alchemy that is a result of timing, mindset, and the world which relates to it due for unknown reasons. In DC, three figures have been a constant for decades. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. And it looks like the Man Of Steel has become a big influence on the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.
Here’s How Superman Influenced DCEU's Wonder Woman

Patty Jenkins, the director of the upcoming DC movie recently sat down with Time Magazine where she discussed the film’s long journey to the silver screen. Wonder Woman has been a lone figure in the world of comics who has represented the strength that women have always had, but it took Superman, a pillar of hope, strength, and optimism to steer the direction of the film for Jenkins. The director said:

“We’ve spent years treating male heroes in certain ways. I just applied those same tropes to her, and all these incredible radical moments suddenly appear to an audience.”

Jenkins has talked about how Superman has influenced her childhood, so it’s not a surprise to hear that she has inculcated the same sensibilities she admired into the DCEU hero. Superheroes these days have been depicted as being human creatures with flaws and insecurities like any normal person. DCEU, in particular, has focused on the dark side of the superhero world from its first feature.

To see that the first female superhero in DCEU will have a chance at influencing her audience with positivity and hope may be a breath of fresh air. Wonder Woman has always been a pacifist when it comes to violence, and like Superman just wants to see the world be the most peaceful place.

Superman’s influence is also seen in Wonder Woman’s first trailer. Diana and Steve Trevor pay homage to a famous scene from the Superman film with Christopher Reeves. In a reverse of roles, Diana protects Steve from oncoming bullets with her powerful cuffs.

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