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Star Wars Reveals First Look At Luke Skywalker As A Sith Lord

Star Wars has easily put itself amongst some of the best franchises in the world. The franchise spans over 40 years and still doesn’t seem to be making a stop anytime soon. There are shows and movies set to come out in the next few years which will be spin-offs or continuations on the arcs of certain characters. The recent shows have even gathered a completely new fanbase based on how they were able to give the material a modern touch with the feel of the setting of the original franchise. Disney+ has been working on various shows that are set to come back with a new season and at the same time start around this year and the next year. Recently, we got to see how the dark side version of Luke Skywalker could have been. Star Wars revealed the first look at Luke Skywalker as a Sith Lord.

Luke Skywalker’s Arc

The original narrative of Star Wars follows two sides of the force. The dark side is honed by the Sith whereas the light side is honed by the Jedi. Most of the stories follow a narrative wherein these two sides battle each other in order to establish peace. This basic logic has now been inspired into various narratives including Harry Potter itself. The core idea is not to give in to the fearless powers of the dark side.


The very first movie Star Wars: A New Hope, followed the story of Luke Skywalker who seems to have dreams and comes upon some of the major discoveries that have an impact on him for a long time to come. There’s a strong chance in the narrative that he might go to the dark side under his father Darth Vader’s demands but he doesn’t. His story becomes an example of positivity in the universe and this drives the rest of the Jedi.


The Dark Side

The fans of the franchise have often wondered what would have happened if Luke had given in to the dark side. This was even in the plans of Star Wars creator George Lucas. According to him, there was a version of the story that explored how he would give in to the dark side and learn from his father. The old Expanded Universe even toyed with this idea in the Dark Empire comics where Luke bends his knee for the resurrected Emperor. But this doesn’t last very long with him getting redeemed by the loves of his friends and family. The story wasn’t canon and it was declared into the “Legends” when Lucasfilm was acquired in 2012.


Luke Skywalker As A Sith Lord

A possible venture into this concept is given by the LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales even though the story is not canon. Here we get to explore a story where the Death Star is destroyed by Dard Vader’s own servant Vaneé, who then gives his own spin to the story of Star Wars. He narrates a story where Luke Skywalker had joined the Empire instead of the Rebellion.


This rendition of Luke proves himself as a skilled pilot in order to quench his hunger for power and fame. He is then taken in by Darth Vader as an apprentice and trained in the ways of the Force. It is soon discovered that he is a lot more powerful than his father. He later ends up destroying the Death Star by firing a stray shot during the battle over the Death Star.

This was just a simple tale for a Halloween special, but it makes us think considering the ease with which Vaneé says it could have actually happened. We tend to forget that the core objective of the first three movies in the franchise was to get Luke to join the Empire. Under certain circumstances, things could have turned out to be pretty different.

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