5 People Who Lost Everything after Being Played by Frank Underwood

When he isn’t breaking the fourth wall, Frank Underwood is busy thinking of ways to destroy people’s lives. In the beginning it felt like Frank Underwood’s actions were a blend of revenge and efficiency, but by Season 3 it is quite clear that he would ruin people just for the fun in it. This makes up to why House of Cards is so acclaimed as a series. The viewers don’t think of IF, but HOW, he’s going to kill the next pawn in his elaborate plans.

With months away from Season 4, here are 5 people who fell prey to the massive predator, that is Frank Underwood:



Lucas Goodwin –

Lucas Goodwin’s only crime was falling in love with Zoe Barnes. His ultimate end was evidence of how small a person’s life is for Underwood. However sad it may be, Lucas’s whining and moping ever since his first date with Zoe made us root for his exit from the show. If only he had seen the signs of the traps laid in front of him, he wouldn’t be serving 10 years in prison for attemting to get to the bottom of Zoe’s “Suicide”.

aymond Tusk –

On first sight, Tusk seemed like a good competition to Underwood, with the “Prep session” that he planned for him. But ultimately he was outplayed in the game of deception by Frank, and that too in spectacular fashion. It takes more than simple blackmail to make someone testify against his best friend, nut Underwood cracked the code and made Tusk play into his hands. At the end of the battle, while Frank is left at the doorstep of presidency, Tusk is left with a spoiled reputation and one less friend in the oval office.
Garret Walker –

Garret Walker goes from addressing people on being voted as president to addressing the media on his subsequent resignation, all in 26 episodes. Walker should have known not to mess with the bull in his office, but being the “wise man” that he was, he decides to screw Underwood on assigning him as the Secretary of State. We see the target on his back ever since the first episode, and his massacre comes as quite the satisfaction with Underwood achieving his end goal and becoming The President of United States of America.
Zoe Barnes-

The relatedness in all the people on this list is just more evidence of the absolute beast that Frank Underwood is. Zoe Barnes is another Use and Throw (Quite Literally) relationship that Underwood acquires on his path to become the president. He uses her to set his plan in motion by leaking an early draft of the education bill, and right when she begins to feel she has a leverage on him, he throws her under the bus (or in this case, a train). Perhaps one of the most shocking moments in the show, Zoe’s demise was sudden and flabbergasting, and unlike others, was not of extreme material benefit to the soon-to-be president.
Peter Russo –

If there was one death that the viewers actually felt bad about, it was Peter Russo. Perhaps this was because it was the first murder by Frank Underwood (If you ignore the dog from the first episode) , and told us exactly how far Frank would go to reach his goals. Peter’s journey in the series most aptly personifies the title of this list. A character played to perfection by Corey Stoll, Peter’s death certainly left a void in the viewer’s hearts. Underwood juggled with his life, from getting him out of addiction and turning him into a legitimate candidate, to driving him back into addiction so that the Vice President could replace him as candidate and Frank could be the next VP. His ultimate death only proved to be an end to his suffering and the suffering caused to his family and friends.



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