5 Deadliest Assassins From DC Universe

Assassins are way cool in the comics. Be it killing some political leaders or some influential business tycoon, these bad guys know their shit well. While all have their own ways, these ones are the best. Here is a list of some of DC universe best assassins:


Cassandra Kane was a really famous character, she is not the most famous Batgirl but yet was loved by the fans because of her independent character. She later betrays Batman, frames Robin for a murder and is told to be the leader of the League of Assassins, not just that she also joins Deathstroke’s team. Yeah, you sure can see who all are there with her. Duh! she’s a great assassin and has assassin friends.

Red Hood

Well, this is no secret that Jason Todd is always angry. Can’t fully blame the guy though, being killed by the Joker after being beaten into a pulp, coming back from the dead just to see that your mentor hasn’t avenged you..sure one will be angry. Todd after wearing the Hood takes up killing and is pretty violent in all his ventures. Not just that he becomes a famous assassin, and with Arsenal even advertises about himself, saying ‘Bat For sale’. Talk about ways to publicize yourself, man!!

Court Of Owls

The Court is a secret body governing Gotham and shaping the city in a way that the court deems fit. The Court of Owls has its own assassins called Talons, they always have a leader and not just the physical training that these guys have, but also the use of Super Serums is there to make them inhumanly strong.


The infamous Deadshot is not just a killer by his weapons but also his attitude, great with a gun, having a great stamina, some really good moves and you get your typical Leader of the Suicide Squad. Oh yes, he loves his daughter, do not even try to mess with her.


DC UniverseUndoubtedly the best assassin of the entire DC Universe, Deathstroke is loved by all for the badass that he is, many shows have shown about his past, but have yet shown nothing in comparison to the actual range of his strengths. Be it his physical regenerative capabilities or be it the fact that he can use 90% of his brain, or his super speed and physical prowess, he came into being after an experiment and a military career. His son too was an assassin who died, this brought Deathstroke back into the game.

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