Justice League: This Will Piss You Off If You Are A Superman Fan

While the release of the Justice League was a dream come true for many hardcore DC fans, but it has not been able to live up the hype and its original mythos. The movie underperformed both in the realms of critical review and box-office collections.

After the personal tragedy which befell on Zack Snyder, the throne was passed on to director Joss Whedon (Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron). But repeated studio interferences and corporate greed butchered the original vision of Snyder and also didn’t leave much room for Whedon to pursue his creativity.

While a lot of rumors regarding the original script couldn’t please all the fans, but it was universally accepted that it was way better than the crammed up storyline which had to follow the ridiculous 2-hour mandate.

The movie’s cinematographer just confirmed that there were indeed scenes featuring Superman in the iconic black suit just like in the comics. But the scenes were among those many scenes that were cut from the theatrical version of the film.

From the moment of his death in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans were hoping to see their beloved superhero making a comeback in the Justice League movie in the black costume like the way he did in “Death of Superman” saga. Earlier, Henry Cavil hinted towards the inclusion of the suit in Justice League but an anonymous source who claimed to be a part of the film revealed that the suit was never slated to be in the movie.

But now, this recent and more concrete source from the movie has contradicted that statement. Justice League cinematographer, Fabian Wagner, in an interview with Inverse confirmed that Black Superman Suit was actually a part of Zack Snyder’s plans for the film. But just like many scenes, it was also scrapped from the film. He said:

There were [scenes shot]. It’s a cool looking costume. Sadly we didn’t see that either in the final cut. Zack takes his time with telling the stories and I’ve always liked that about his movies. There are a few scenes that I was very much looking forward to seeing which unfortunately got cut.

This is the latest source confirming that the earlier version of Justice League was greatly different from what we saw in the theatres. As the movie is not performing well in the theatres, fans are demanding the original Zack Snyder’s version of the movie.

The two things that hounded the most epic superhero movie to have been ever made were – Reshoots and Warner Bros. sticking their head again in the director’s butt. It was not productive for the DCEU at all. Yet the problems and the complaints did not end there.

Justice League was supposed to be the movie where the biggest, worst, fiercest and sickest, villain of the entire comic book universe was to make his debut.

Zack Snyder had toiled for years for Darkseid to make his first appearance in DCEU with the Justice League. Yet all he ever got was a mention of his name. Not even a damn post-credits appearance.

Steppenwolf was a better villain than most, but the audiences never saw him anything but an example of horrible CGI. The General from Apokolips was an acclaimed villain in the comics and was played by the Award Winning actor Ciaran Hinds but not even he could save the general from the critics. Steppenwolf was not Darkseid. The audience wanted Darkseid. They never got what they truly desired to see from the very beginning.

Justice League

Kevin Smith, director of Clerks, expressed his support for the release of Zack Snyder’s  cut of the Justice League and helped us realize just how essential Darkseid was in the Original cut than in the weaker, second one:

“Superman joins the fight and teams up with the League to defeat Steppenwolf, however, at one point, Steppenwolf tries to tempt Superman into joining his army, ready for this,” Smith said on his Fatman on Batman podcast. “This made me so f**king angry, and we see Darkseid for the first time in Superman’s vision and we see flashes of the nightmare footage that Batman had in Batman v Superman, however, Superman snaps back out of it and delivers the final blow to defeat Steppenwolf.”

The movie is still running in the theatres near you and if you haven’t watched it yet. Remember it’s not too late.

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