12 Significant Moments In Hollywood Movies That Are Getting Old

Hollywood movies are incomplete without these iconic dialogues. In the fashion industry, the trends and designs keep returning after a period of time, just like the bell bottoms. Similarly, Hollywood has been producing movies for decades and centuries which compels plot twists and dialogues to get repeated. But then, this industry attracts millions of aspiring artists and writers with new stories and character types. Yet, we watch songs, movies, and series getting ripped off every now and then. Some dialogues and plot moments are getting so cliché that the audience has stopped feeling any thrill or intensity of them. There is nothing wrong in repeating it but these moments have become typical Hollywood clichés. Here are the 12 significant moments in Hollywood movies that are getting old.

 1. When The Hero Asks You To Leave

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Whenever a disaster is approaching, the hero will always ask their loved ones to “get out of here”. Well, mostly it’s the beloved supporting hero who asks the protagonist to run while he/she sacrifice their life to protect the lead. But a lot of times, even the leads repeat this cliché line, such as in Matrix, Avatar, and Lord of the Rings.

 2. Feeling Low And Hitting The Bar

Whenever the lead character’s plan gets crushed or he/she is simply upset, they will hit the bar. Sitting at a fancy bar and silently staring at nothingness is the new cool that movies are still feeding on. In fact, the audience especially the teenagers dig it like anything. Raise your hands if your teenage self always wanted to do this as you turn older. Sadly, some of us lost the alcohol tolerance level by the time we hit the legal age.

 3. Waking Up To An Animal’s Kiss

Significant Moments In Hollywood Movies
Significant Moments In Hollywood Movies

Remember how a male character passes out and then wakes up to a passionate smooch? Yeah, that never happens. But you know where we are getting at. A man getting freaked out by a dog licking him is not funny anymore unless it’s an animation.

 4. The “Nooooo”

Sad and emotional moments can be shown in various ways. Just look at Spider-Man turning into dust in Infinity War or Pepper Potts bidding goodbye to Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame. These intense moments hit our hearts with rocks. But the moment someone screams “NOOooooooo”, it kills my emotional quotient.

 5. Killing Your Old Self

A good character declaring their evil new self by refusing to acknowledge their old name is not a surprise element anymore. Now, whenever a villain says “Jack is dead” for themselves, all we feel is déjà vu.

 6. Elevator Awkwardness

Remember the calming music in the elevator that suddenly interferes with the intensity of the moment? This awkward elevator moment has been reused countless times in popular Holywood movies like The Hangover 2, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wall-E, etc. It used to be funny but now it’s getting too old.

 7. “We’ve Got Company”

Significant Moments In Hollywood Movies
Significant Moments In Hollywood Movies

Whenever someone’s enemies, a gang of villains, or cops are approaching, that’s the most common phrase used. You are not in trouble unless someone says that for a heads up.

 8. Sci-fi Jargons

Watching a sci-fi? Then be prepared to relive your blurry days of mathematics classes as the genius character is also spill their plan in scientific jargons that will pass straight over your head. And you know what the listeners in the movie will say in response? They will react with the age-old joke “Can you say that in English now?”

 9. Storm Is Coming

Significant Moments In Hollywood Movies
Significant Moments In Hollywood Movies

How do can you tell what the characters mean when they say “Storm is coming”. That phrase is the easiest Easter egg that one could indicate. Whenever they say that a storm is coming, it has to mean that the movie is about to get serious. Thank God “Game of Thrones” changed it to “Winter is Coming”.

 10. Cats and Horror Films

If you are watching a horror film and there is an eerie noise coming from somewhere, chances are that it’s a cat. You may not see the ghost but you will definitely be scared off by a cat gliding through the piano or jumping from the shelf.

 11. Middle Names

Whether it is “s3xy is my middle name” or “cold is my middle name”, this one is really getting old. People will unfriend us even if we use it in real life. From Jacob’s “kind” in Twilight to Virgil’s “Danger” in Ocean’s 13, and Human Torch’s “trouble” in Fantastic Four, it is still used everywhere.

 12. Escaping To Mexico

Significant Moments In Hollywood Movies
Significant Moments In Hollywood Movies

A typical crime or run-and-chase movie ends with the anti-hero escaping to Mexico and bathing in the sun. This has become so common that even Phoebe Buffay used it as a joke in Friends as part of her evil plan. You wanna’ go against the law and use Mexico as your safe haven? Well, Mexico will not be welcoming you with open arms in reality.

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