Why The Avengers Look So Different In Avengers 4?

Alright, fasten your seat beast ladies because I’m about to take you on a ride that is going to assimilate every theory you have ever read on Avengers 4. The subsequent facts and theory will be drawn from the set photos, the small details we have noticed over the years, the plot up until now and the new Avengers posters. So what do we really know about Avengers 4? We know that the movie will pick up from where Infinity War left off, it will start off right after “the snap”. The infamous action of the Mad Titan using the infinity gauntlet that wiped off Half of all life from all of creation. It is highly likely that the next installment of Avengers will iterate how the heroes (the original six Avengers most likely albeit Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Captain America) reset all the damage done by the tyrant of the dark quadrant during the events of Infinity War.

We are sure about this because that is what Marvel does, that is what they have been doing for decades in the comics and that is what we have seen happen in past Marvel Cinematic universe movies, it’s just natural story progression. The second key fact in this theory is about the B.A.R.F. technology showcased during the events of Captain America: Civil War. The device allowed iron man aka Tony Stark to relive the events of his life when he saw his parents for the last time. This device has been spotted in numerous set photos of both Infinity War and Avengers 4 and accompanying this device there are also pictures of the OG Avengers filming in their classic costumes and attire back from Marvel’s The Avengers.

Last but not the least this particular picture has been making the rounds on Reddit and is the particular source of this theory. The picture highlights something on the wrist of every Avenger, something that bears a little too much resemblance to the time travel device used by cable during the events of Deadpool 2.

These are all the facts that you need to know to delve into the theory below, enjoy.

So have you put the pieces together?


Let me help you.

It’s simple really, the theory involves time travel and space time paradoxes. You see when we left the Avengers at the end of Infinity War Thanos had just snapped half of all life out of existence. He had assembled all the six infinity gems onto the gauntlet and then used the power of the six singularities (Time, space, reality, mind, soul, power) to achieve his lifelong aspiration of balancing death and life in the known universe. We saw our precious characters disappear into nothingness, the heartbreak and the depression that followed. We saw rocket loose his son and Iron Man mourn over his failure. Only one thought got us through the end without breaking into tears, the thought that Doctor Strange assessed 14 million futures before finding the alternative where the good guys come out triumphant.

Ever since the movie was released there has been blatant speculation on what this future might be, so here is our assessment of the aforementioned facts. Well you see, the theory I want to discuss today makes use of all three pieces of information (BARF technology, new looks of the Avengers, and the suspected time travel device).

We all know that iron man was the hero who was affected by the events of Infinity War the most, the man lost his Protégé and his team while fighting on a completely different planet for the survival of the universe. This was despite the fact that iron man was forewarned about the said events during the start of Age of Ultron. So when Tony finally returns to earth, defeated, he will do everything in his power to try to find a weakness of Thanos to be exploited in Avengers 4 final battle.

But how does one go about doing that considering the opponent of iron man is the Mad Titan who now possesses the power of the cosmos at his fingertip?. Iron Man can no longer get close to him much less analyse him for a future battle. So to analyse the Mad Titan iron man will decide to use the B.A.R.F. tech to access his thoughts of the New York battle, specifically he part where Tony went through the portal to deliver a nuke straight to the chittauri mothership. The chittauri are slaves to Thanos and information that can be gathered using B.A.R.F. would be indispensable.

Furthermore, during his analysis, Tony will conclude that there is no concievable way to defeat the Mad Titan the way he currently is. The Avengers have absolutely no chance against the Mad Titan when he holds the Infinity Gauntlet so the only chance that they do have is to defeat and neutralise Thanos the first time that he crossed paths with the Avengers ergo the New York battle from Avengers.


This is where the theory goes a little nuts but bear with me a little. You see, the avengers will harness the power of the time stone (in some form or the other since the idea here is that Doctor Strange transferred some power to iron man or told him how to manipulate space time before he handed the stone over to Thanos) to create devices that can take the avengers back in time.

After these devices are completed, the OG Avengers (looking different as they do from their Avengers 1 selves) will travel back in time to defeat Thanos once and for all during the events of the New York battle. The idea being that Thanos will be stopped there and then thereby preventing any further death and destruction that the Mad Titan wrought upon creation since the events of Avengers leading all the way to Infinity War.

As theories go this one might be plausible considering it does neatly explain how Marvel will reset their entire timeline and bring back all of their dead.

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Avengers 4 comes out May 3, 2019. Up until then watch this space for everything Marvel.

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