5 Superhero Actors Who Can Do Stuff Like Their Superhero Characters

When we think of superheroes we are usually fascinated to their powers such as Spider-Man web-slinging, Iron Man’s palm burst, Superman’s flying ability and others. We have dreamed of possessing these abilities and power. But superpowers don’t always define superheroes’ heroic persona. Sometimes the actor who plays the superheroes seems to get those powers. So we bring you five superhero actors who can do superhero stuff in real.

 1. Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye 

5 Superhero Actors Who Can Do Superhero Stuff Like Their Superhero Characters

In the Avengers films, the bow-brandishing superhero Hawkeye seems to be at ease in the way he portrayed the role. And the core reason is that he was trained by Olympic archers to set himself for the role and to use the bow-arrow correctly in the films.

2. Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider

Nicholas Cage;s character Johnny Blaze give his soul to Devil and turns into a vigilante Ghost Rider. However, he didn’t turn into an actual blazing motorcyclist in real life, he was a keen motorcyclist. He caused so much harm to his motorcycle that his insurance company told him not to rode the motorcycle anymore. So Cage always looks forwards to riding a motorcycle in his films.

3. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds shined as Deadpool in a 2016 movie with the same name. His sarcastic attitude and dirty jokes are what makes fans to demand more from the character. Just like his Deadpool character, he lives with the same mindset in real life. Reynolds was always persistent in this role.

4. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman made her cinematic appearance in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. And she shined in the role and proved that none is a better choice for the character than her. Maybe her two-year stay in Israeli Defence Forces and training in combat and weapons added a plus point in portraying the role.

5. Mark Ruffalo as Hulk

The in stress, Mark Ruffalo’s character Bruce Banner transforms into a green giant beast. During an interview with New York Daily, Ruffalo said he had anger issue in his 20s and so it was easy for him to relate to the character.

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