7 Comic-Book Characters Who Can Beat Superman Prime One Million

Superman Prime One Million is often called the second most powerful god in DC universe. He is the ultimate savior of the Earth who will absolutely whack anyone who dares to cross his path. He is omnipotent, can resurrect the dead, faster than anyone and possess limitless powers…not even close.

Well, I am writing this blog out of a personal challenge to tell you that he is a far cry from being a powerful god and that he is very much beatable. Here’re 7 comic-book characters who can beat Superman Prime One Million:


It is the powerful supercomputer from 853rd century. This man made tyrant sun created itself to infect 20th century machinery through a techno-evil virus. Superman is a baby in front of this sentient star. He had to call in reinforcements from Justice League Legion, Justice League to defeat him.


He is the God of Gods who have accumulated insane powers that Superman can only dream of. Well, to put things in perspective, he is more powerful than Odin or Zeus. He can fly, teleport, emit energy blasts with his bare hands or eyes. He can cause massive shockwaves just by walking.

Dr. Doom:

He is so powerful that he was able to capture the power of the “Beyonder” who defeated all the celestial beings in the Marvel universe. He also became God of Doom. He was able to beat Thanos and crush Black Panther who had infinity gauntlet. Need I say more?

Franklin Richards:

He is the son of Reed (Mister Fantastic) and Susan Richards (Invisible Woman). He can warp reality at his will. He could repair dying stars. He killed a celestial with a punch and restored Galactus.

Jean Grey:

She merged with Phoenix force, could hold entire timelines in her hands and destroyed Apocalypse.

The Beyonder:

He has more power than all reality. He could erase death, destroyed celestials, destroy multi-verse and galaxies.

Emperor Joker:

Superman Prime One MillionHe changed the justice league into an evil twisted version, turned Harley into a constellation and ripped Superman’s heart.

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