15 Facts About The Phoenix Force Even Diehard Fans Never Knew!!!

The Phoenix Force is the focal point of all psychic energy in the Marvel Universe. It manifests itself as a being of living, sentient energy and possesses hosts it deems worthy of wielding its power. It’s most well-known incarnation is that of Jean Grey of the X-Men.  The Phoenix Force will display its power on screen in the upcoming movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix. But what exactly is the Phoenix Force? Presenting 15 Facts about the Phoenix Force even diehard fans never knew…

Possessed Rachel Summers the longest

Rachel Summers is the daughter of Jean Grey and Scott Summers from another timeline. The Phoenix Force adores absolutely everything about Jean Grey including her future descendants. Rachel Summers became a host to the entity and managed to tame it the longest, without turning evil.

It shares a connection with the Iron Fist

The Iron Fist is a mystical ability that is based on harnessing your own life force to do incredible feats. The Phoenix Force is a purely mental entity and therefore in The New Avengers #25. Fongji Wu, the then Iron Fist boned with the Phoenix Force and became one of the greatest warriors of Earth.

It can Travel through time

The Phoenix Force is an extra dimensional entity that exists outside of time and space. So it views reality through a different perspective. It can tap into the timelines of the past, present and future and changes it with a surgeon’s precision.

Jean Grey became the first female cosmic superhero

Jean Grey did not have much impact on the X-Men storylines before she became the Phoenix. Chris Claremont had created Marvel’s first female cosmic superhero. Jean’s powers became so great that the stories started to focus entirely on her rather than the team.

It teleports by destroying itself

Among the vast array of abilities it possesses, one is clearly too strange for a super powerful entity. The Phoenix Force could teleport itself to any part of the universe by creating a quantum singularity. But such a feat requires tremendous amount of energy and the resulting explosion destroys the Phoenix. It then recreates itself at its destination of choice.

It can possess multiple hosts at once

The Phoenix Force can divide itself and possess multiple hosts. In Avengers vs. X-Men, the entity was involuntarily separated into five different parts which then possessed Cyclops, Magik, Emma Frost, Namor and Colossus.

It judges the universe

One of the Phoenix Force’s many duties is to keep an eye on the entire multi verse. When it deems a universe or a part of it unworthy of existence, it literally burns the unnecessary parts of it away.

It gives the host psionic abilities

The Phoenix Force doesn’t just choose mutants to be its host. Regular humans have wielded it too. Giraud of New Haven once possessed the Phoenix Force, the latter chose the former on account of her potential mental mutation powers. She then displayed godlike abilities like atomic level matter manipulation and limitless energy manipulation abilities.

It has several different ways of bonding with a host

Jean Grey has bonded with the Phoenix Force and it has driven her mad. She has been termed the Dark Phoenix for a reason. There also exists the White Phoenix Force, the purest form of bond between the force and the host. The Phoenix Force can also imbue its power to an inanimate object and using it gives one access to Blue Phoenix Energy.

It can lay eggs

The Phoenix Force can be reborn in the same way as its namesake. In 2015’s Secret Wars, The Phoenix Force survived the end of the Universe by literally giving birth to itself. Cyclops managed to get hold of the egg before it hatched and became the New Phoenix.

It favors some family lines

The Phoenix Force favors people with a certain bloodline. The entity likes to bond with Jean Grey and her blood. Rachel Summers and Nate Grey, both descendants of Jean Grey has been host to the Phoenix Force. The Rook’shir family of the Shi’ar Empire is also feared for their affinity to bond with the entity.

Magneto used it to kill every Marvel Hero

In an alternate What If comic book issue, the Phoenix Force kills every one of the Marvel heroes and merges with Rachel Summers under the influence of Magneto who then steals the Phoenix Force for himself and becomes a God. Logan kills him the very next moment.

It has had 28 different hosts

The Phoenix Force is an entity that precedes time itself while Jean Grey is a woman in her thirties. So it is safe to say there have been other hosts. Several humans as well as aliens have been host to the Phoenix Force.

It can kill every demon on Earth

The Phoenix Force can be used as a universal demon killer. In an alternate timeline, Madelyne Prior and Wolverine literally bring hell on Earth and Rachel Summers manages to wipe out the entire demon population by using the Phoenix Force.

It can be defeated

Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force may sound unbeatable but had it been truly, then the universe would have already died an untimely death. The Phoenix Force has been defeated before. Jean grey once sacrificed herself and stopped it in its track. The Demon Cyttorak did it once effortlessly. Hope Summers and Scarlet Witch once combined their powers to make it bite the dust.

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