Thanos Might Not Be The Only Villain In Avengers Infinity War

Thanos has been a daunting figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Phase 1. He will finally take center stage in Avengers Infinity War, wreaking havoc for all in the Marvel world. Audiences have only seen a fraction of the Titan king’s power and influence in Guardians Of The Galaxy where he polarized not just his adopted daughters but made certain why he was such a feared entity. Thanos has been pursuing the Infinity Stones since the first Phase and Infinity War is said to be the conclusion to that act.

Thanos Might Not Be The Only Villain In Avengers Infinity War
Thanos did not operate alone in the comics, and it looks like the same might happen in the movie as well. When the Reddit cast list was leaked, it contained certain characters from Thanos crew that were loyal to the Titan to the very end. The characters included  Corvus, Nox, Ican, Proxima and Ebony. They made up the supervillain team known as The Black Order. The team was a part of the Infinity Gauntlet comics, so their involvement is not too surprising.

The Black Order destroyed planets on Thanos’ orders. Corvus is the general most favored by Thanos due to his cut throat methods and intelligence, who later on tries to kill Thanos for his own rise to power. Ebony Maw is Thanos’ most clever strategist and Proxima Midnight is one of the Order’s chief warriors. Proxima is married to Corvus Glaive and is the only female in the supervillain team.

The Black Order has yet to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An introduction alongside Thanos makes perfect sense since the mad king would need all the hands he can get to help him in his pursuit for ultimate domination. The Black Order would also make for a good distraction for The Avengers as the movie would need some action that showcased what Thanos’ army can do to garner such fear in the universe.

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