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The Secret Guardian of the Galaxy Cameo in The Suicide Squad Revealed

The DCEU has had a very strange history. Warner Brothers started the franchise off very strong with The Man of Steel but their passion slowly fizzled out. Maybe that is a little unfair, but it is obvious that the more movies that came out the more lackluster it became. Well, up until the latest one, that is. DCEU’s The Suicide Squad. The new iteration in the sub-franchise has garnered a lot of praise and attention. Even more so since James Gunn said that there is a cameo by a Guardians character that no one has spotted. Read on to find out the secret Guardian of the Galaxy cameo in The Suicide Squad.

This Article Contains Spoilers for The Suicide Squad. Don’t proceed if you haven’t seen the film.

Suicide Squad is a very simple concept. Prisoners and criminals are forced by Amanda Waller to resolve dire situations. The Suicide Squad is basically cannon fodder and that is the writing trope employed. Since the US government treats these criminals as expendable, they put a bomb in their heads that will go off as soon as they veer off course or endanger the mission or disobey a direct order. The person leading the bunch of criminals on the ground is usually Captain Rick Flag. He has his own problems but works nicely as the core member of the Suicide Squad.

The movie has garnered a lot of praise from DCEU fans and critics alike. We are at a point where DC has figured out the formula for success. Even more so, since they have got James Gunn involved with their Shenanigans. You see, The Suicide Squad had a secret cameo by a Guardians of The Galaxy star that no one noticed according to James Gunn. And no. It is not Sean Gunn’s cameo as the Calendar Man.

Guardian of the Galaxy Cameo in The Suicide Squad

Gunn recently said in the Happy Sad Confused Podcast:

“Well, I mean, people know I almost cast Dave [Bautista] in a role and he couldn’t do it, so he didn’t. But other than that, well, there might be a Guardian somewhere in the film that no one has seen yet, and I’m so surprised by… I’ve gotten a hundred reviews from this movie and I just… am astounded… It’s going to be found out right after [this interview airs]…”

Mr. Gunn. We have figured out who it was.

The Secret Cameo

Pom Klementieff in The Suicide Squad

At about 59 minutes 15 seconds into the movie The Suicide Squad enters a nightclub where the Polka Dot Man does his usual tricks. During the sequence, we get a very brief glimpse of the dancers in the club. One of these dancers is Pom Klementieff, who plays Mantis in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. She is not easily recognizable since she doesn’t have her mantis makeup on and looks quite different than her normal get-up. It is still nice to see a Marvel star appear in the DCEU, makes us remember that this is actually a movie universe amidst all this chaos of The Suicide Squad.

The directors, writers, and costume designers really did a fabulous job of hiding Pom in plain sight in the movie, They did an even better job of getting marvel fans riled up for the cameo. It has culminated in this beautiful mystery setting where avid fans are watching the movie again and again to find the cameo. But we have you back, fandom. The mystery was originally solved by ScreenRant and now we are doing God’s work by reposting this information.

Guardian of the Galaxy Cameo in The Suicide Squad

We do love a good mystery and this is perhaps one of those rare moments we get to see two universes overlap with each other. We love Guardians of the Galaxy and the new The Suicide Squad movie is a cult hit already. it is a fun thing that the movies that are overlapping each other both contain a team of misfits that journey separate from the main story arc of the franchise. This almost feels like things are scripted. Okay, that was a cheeky joke but there is some truth to it.

The Breakdown

It almost feels like the entire thing was a bit orchestrated to be getting this much media attention. Usually, stuff like this gets lost on the remote corners of Reddit but now it has come to the attention of the fandom. Given James Gunn’s interest in the entire thing and him egging on the fans, I would not be surprised If he was the one who suggested the cameo in the first place. But that is beside the point.

Suicide Squad is here, it’s fun and we love it. The characters are surprisingly endearing and the focus on the team rather than on Joker has really allowed the movie to come into its own. It is a beautiful presentation of violence and jokes and we hope that DC can bring us more stories like these soon. What do you guys think about this cameo? Do you believe that it was a wise decision to have Pom play a dancer as an easter egg? or was it too obscure to find easily. Let us know your opinion in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel and DC.

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