Avengers 4 – Here Are The Reasons Why The Avengers May Use Time Travel  

Avengers 4 is going to be the biggest movie of all time. We know that this was being said for Infinity War, but as we all know, Avengers 4 will be the follow up to that movie, and it will be the culmination of the entire MCU as we know it. This movie will have an even bigger scale and scope, including even more characters than Infinity War, did as the characters who died are also expected to return in the movie, while new Supers and supporting characters are also expected to be there for this grand finale.

The ending of Infinity War blew us away as we saw something that people really feared, which was the finger snap and its major consequences. It caused half the population of the entire Universe to get disintegrated by turning into dust. This obviously meant for our favorite Superheroes to die as well. The Avengers had many chances in the movie to prevent this horrific ending, but after all their hard work and coming so close to winning, they still ended up losing.

There was one person who saw it all happen even before it did, and he played his cards in the way that Thanos got the upper hand initially. Yes, we are talking about Doctor Strange. Having seen the future, he found just one way that would allow the Avengers to win in the longer run, and that plan apparently saw the Avengers lose the first battle allowing Thanos to collect all the Infinity Stones and accomplish his mission. But what we were not told was that there may be a way to undo this, which Strange probably saw when he peaked in the future, and that way heavily involved Time Travel.

Now we know that Thanos has the Time Stone, so the Avengers will need to find a different way to travel through time, and fix the havoc that Thanos has brought upon the entire Universe. The way that we all know will be used for this would surely be the Quantum Realm which will be properly explored in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp. That is how Ant-Man and Hank Pym will come into play in the story of Avengers 4.

Hank Pym and Ant-Man will bring in their knowledge about the Quantum Realm, and we will get to see them team up with Tony Stark to determine exactly how they will come up with the Time Travel and how can they use it  to gain an advantage. We know that Stark’s Binary Augmented Retro Framing aka. B.A.R.F technology, which was introduced in Civil War will also come into play in Avengers 4. So that is probably how they will decipher as to what specific events need to be visited in the past and probably be changed in order to fix what Thanos did.

The things that the Avengers can do with Time Travel is an entirely different story. Time travel and changing the events from the past and in the future by not allowing nature to flow through its course, will obviously have consequences. As teased in Doctor Strange, the Bill always comes due! But the Avengers will have a whole lot of opportunities with Time Travel without worrying about the consequences. Thanos is an immediate threat which needs to be wiped out by any means necessary, so whatever consequences that arise by disturbing the natural law of order will be dealt later, and for now the immediate focus will be upon defeating Thanos and possibly undoing what Thanos did.

With Time Travel, the first thing that the Avengers could try to do is getting all the Stones before Thanos actually gets them. This sounds easy theoretically, but we will see how it plays practically. This could stop the Finger Snap Also, getting Stones like the Soul Stone will be next to impossible. Other than this, the Avengers could prevent the loss of life by back the dead Superheroes that could come in handy against Thanos. We know that the heroes that died in Infinity War will be brought back in Avengers 4, and there are also rumours that suggest that Quicksilver will be returning, so this may be a way to do that.

Since Time Travel is a huge concept and disturbing the timeline always causes major problems and have the possibilities of breaking the space-time continuum. So the Avengers will need to plot a divisive plan that does not actually harm the existence of time or causes major problems which cannot be handled later on. So, they could consider creating loopholes in Thanos’ victory which would allow them to prevent the problems caused by time altering events and steal victory from Thanos at the same time. The BARF tech could come in handy in plotting such a plan.

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Avengers 4 – Here Are The Reasons Why The Avengers May Use Time Travel  

Thanos having the Time Stone could counter what the Avengers do just like he did at the time of Vision’s death, but let’s see what happens. Avengers 4 will come out next year on May 3, and that is when we will find how exactly the screenwriters have played the Time Travelcard in the movie. 

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