Marvel Failed In Resolving A Major Scarlet Witch & Iron Man Story

WandaVision episode 8 made us dive deeper into Wanda’s past. And one thing was clearly told to us that Stark Industries played a major role in Wanda’s traumatic past. Even before the Maximoff twins (Wanda and Pietro) were introduced in 2015’s Age of Ultron, we all know that Tony Stark had established himself as Iron Man and was famous for his shenanigans as a solo hero and with the Avengers too. One of the reasons Tony became Iron Man was to rid the world of Stark Industries weapons which were sold to international criminals like the Ten Rings and used against civilians.

On the other hand, the Maximoff twins, who were orphaned in 1999 when they were 10 years old, were radicalized and joined Hydra. Both Wanda and Pietro were exposed to the Mind Infinity Stone and were granted superpowers, and Hydra intended the twins to be equalizers against the Avengers. But Earth’s Mightiest Heroes still crushed Hydra and the Maximoffs became briefly aligned with Ultron (James Spader) before turning on the homicidal android and his plans to cause a global extinction event. The Maximoff twins then switched sides and joined the Avengers. This did not end entirely well as Ultron ultimately killed Pietro in the Battle of Sokovia.

With no family to turn to, Wanda was alone in the world. But for her right decisions, she was accepted as one of the Avengers and renovated to the United States where she began her relationship with Vision (Paul Bettany). Not more than a year later in 2016, Wanda made a tragic mistake during Lagos, Nigeria which led to many fatalities. With such collateral damage, the Unites States drafted the Sokovia Accords which held the Avengers accountable for the damage of property and loss of lives. Wanda didn’t sign the Accords and she was unwittingly placed in protective custody by Tony Stark; Clint Barton (Jeremey Renner) then liberated Maximoff so they could join Team Cap, Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) group of heroes who rebelled against the Sokovia Accords. Wanda was captured, along with most of Team Cap, in Berlin, and she was imprisoned in the Raft, but Rogers broke them out and they spent the next two years as fugitives.

But later on, when Thanos and the Black Order invaded Earth to collect all the Infinity Gauntlet in order to fulfill Thanos’s ultimate desire for perfect balance in the universe, Steve Rogers’ Secret Avengers, including Wanda, defended the planet, taking a stand against the aliens in Wakanda. Yet Thanos succeeded in assembling the Infinity Gauntlet, killed Vision for the Mind Stone, and continued to snap his fingers to wipe out half of all life in the universe. This included Wanda as well. Cut short, we now move to Avengers: Endgame. Wanda is revived and plays a crucial role in destroying Thanos once and for all which resulted in Tony sacrificing himself.

Avengers: Endgame

This brings us to WandaVision, whereupon the tragic sorceress magically took over the town of Westview, New Jersey to create a bizarre TV sitcom fantasy life for herself and Vision, who she resurrected and became her husband. WandaVision went onto shed new light on Maximoff’s origins by revealing the true source of Wanda’s incredible abilities, and that she is really a powerful wielder of chaos magic names the Scarlet Witch. But the way Stark Industries affected her life in a negative way and then going on to save the world together, their relationship should have been explored more. Whatever happens next is Wanda Maximoff’s unusual life, she (and the fans) never got the satisfaction of seeing her resolve her lingering issues with Tony Stark before his death.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Robert Downey Jr.

Wanda is living proof of the collateral damage of Tony Stark’s weapons. WandaVision depicted what was only spoken of in Avengers: Age of Ultron: How 10-year-old Wanda and Pietro were happily watching DVDs of American sitcoms with their parents when a bomb demolished their tiny Sokovia apartment, instantly killing Oleg (Daniyar) and Iryna Maximoff (Ilana Kohanchi). The orphaned twins spent the next two days terrified that a second explosive emblazoned with the Stark Industries logo would detonate and kill them next, although the bomb never went off. It was then theorized by Agatha Harkness in WandaVision that it was because of her latent magical abilities.

Stark Industries played a major role in Wanda’s devastating past. Surprisingly, Wanda Maximoff and Tony Stark have only had a single one-on-one scene together in the entire history of the MCU: At the start of Avengers: Age of Ultron when Wanda sneaked up behind Tony and bewitched him with his mind-altering powers, planting the vision in his mind that the Avengers were all killed by an unstoppable alien force. Further, Iron Man didn’t even realize Wanda was there and did that to him. Although Tony, Wanda, and Pietro ended up on the same side, Age of Ultron never showed the Maxmimoffs reconcile their issues with Tony Stark either before or after Pietro died.

The Maximoff Twins had one thing in common with the genocidal android Ultron, and that was their hatred of Tony Stark. Wanda confronted Iron Man again alongside Ultron when they stole Vibranium in South Africa, but Stark was focused on the murderous android he created and he disregarded Ultron’s Sokovian henchmen. When Wanda and Pietro joined the Avengers, they were brought in by Captain America, and they briefly tried to stop the creation of the Vision, but afterward, the focus was on Wanda being afraid, her pep talk by Clint Barton, and her heroically choosing to fight against Ultron. At the end of Age of Ultron, Tony left the team along with most of the original Avengers; Wanda never got any kind of closure with Stark.

it will be too easy to say that Stark is a villain, especially during the events of Captain America: Civil War. But it looks like Tony tried his best to do right by Wanda. It was Stark Industries that funded the Avengers and thus, Tony paid for the comfortable quarters Wanda lived in at Avengers Compound, which was a far cry from the poverty she experienced in Sokovia. Regrettably, Stark neglected to form any type of relationship with Wanda, but he still looked out for her and protected her. Steve Rogers considered Tony detaining her as “house arrest,” but Stark was acting out of Wanda’s best interests. Tony was right that Maximoff was being vilified by the media for the accident in Lagos, that the U.S. government considered Wanda a “weapon of mass destruction,” and she was also in danger because she isn’t a U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, Stark was preoccupied with the big picture (as well as his own fraying mental health) as he tried to hold the Avengers together during Civil War.

This relationship could have been explored more. WandaVision is currently streaming on WandaVision.

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