5 Superpowers That Make Wonder Woman The Most Powerful Superhero in DC

Wonder woman is a demigod walking among men. She has more power than Superman, but there are still certain superpowers that make her the most powerful superhero in DC. Here are the 5 that are mind-blowing:

1. Wonder Woman has Unlimited Superpowers Over The Dead:

5 Superpowers That Make Wonder Woman The Most Powerful Superhero in DC

Although Wonder Woman is known for her compassion and her pacifist ways, the New 52 depicted the superhero as having power over the dead. She replaced Ares as the God Of War and raised an army of dead soldiers. This power did not leave past the issue Wonder Woman Vol 4 #23.

2. Wonder Woman’s Ability To Astral Project:

Wonder Woman’s ability for astral projection has been explored only twice. Once in Sensation comics #11 where she and her friend Etta Candy astral project to Steve Trevor’s room to just float around the room having a conversation. The second time was “Wonder Woman” Vol.2 #75-77 and “Artemis: Requiem” #1 when Wonder Woman visited Hell to rescue Artemis.

3. Teleportation:

Wonder Woman’s ability to teleport relies heavily on the Caduceus (a mystical artifact usually in the possession of Hermes). She and Hermes made good use of it when they escaped Chaos Void. Although it is not strictly used just by her, the ability to materialize and dematerialize at will is not something that could happen to every hero or character.

4. The Ability To Talk To Animals and Any Human Language:

Wonder Woman is gifted with the ability to speak any human language. It was a gift from the Goddess Athena. It was later changed in Wonder Woman Vol.2 #8 when she literally learned each language instead of being given the ability by a Greek God. Diana also has the ability to talk to animals, another gift from the goddess Artemis. She has used this ability on dinosaurs and polar bears in the past.

5. Wonder Woman’s Ability To Make Herself Stronger Using Her Mind:

When Wonder Woman’s strength fails on her, she has the unique ability to make herself become stronger using just her mind. This ability has been showcased many times in the Golden and  Silver age comics. This ability should also not be confused with the power from her bracelets which is a whole other set of powers.

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