Doctor Strange 2 Brings Tony’s Biggest Fear of Wanda Coming True

After debuting in the MCU in 2014’s Avengers: Age of Ultron as a secondary antagonist, Wanda(Elizabeth Olsen) has come a long way. And in all these years, she has been fulfilling her destiny that Tony Stark feared from the very beginning. This prophecy of Tony came to pass in the recent Doctor Strange 2 movie that saw Wanda as a ruthless murderer. And this transformation makes us realize how she was doing everything that Tony feared all this time Let us check out what is Tony’s biggest fear of Wanda.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness features Doctor Strange trying to stop Wanda from wreaking havoc on the multiverse. And send it into madness. The movie starts right after the events of WandaVision saw Wanda studying the Darkhold, which corrupted her. The Book of the Damned persuaded her that even if she couldn’t be with her children, there is a whole multiverse out there with thousands of Billy and Tommy. Now with a motive, Wanda started hunting down America Chavez with a desire to strip her of her powers. And with this ambition in her mind, she was willing to kill anyone who stood between her and Chavez.


The movie saw her becoming the Scarlet Witch, which many people in history feared. Including Tony Stark, and he never shied away from expressing this. From the very beginning, Tony has feared her limitless powers. But even then, he continued to ignore it because she was using them for good. Now that his fear has come true, it raised this debate all over again.



Coming from a happy family in Sokovia, Wanda’s life turned around when her parents died in a bombing incident. After seeing that Stark’s missiles were used for bombing, Wanda and Pietro swore to make him pay. To start their journey, they volunteered for Strucker’s experiments that ultimately gave them abilities that Ultron later used against Tony and the Avengers. They were so strong that the Avengers had to back down to shake off the damage done to them by the twins. They would’ve easily brought upon the Avengers’ extinction.


Tony’s biggest fear of Wanda

But soon Wanda and Pietro flipped to the good side and joined the Avengers’ cause. And even fought for them in the Battle of Sokovia. The battle ended with Pietro shot dead by Ultron which started Wanda’s series of pain and loss. After Pietro’s death, Wanda joined the Avengers and saw a ray of hope for a good life with Vision. And even Vision died a couple of years later when Thanos plucked the mind stone out of his forehead. After her snapping away and coming back after five years, Wanda, with all her pain and grief, took an entire town hostage and started a pretend family with a fake Vision and fake children.


But she had to be the hero and had to abandon them for the good of the residents. Along this journey, she realised the amount of power she held. But Tony foresaw it years ago when he went against her. He repeatedly warned Captain America and the other Avengers but they didn’t want to hurt. All because of the fact that she was a child and was not a threat to the universe, at least not yet. But when Wanda caused the deaths of several people when she tried to save Cap from Crossbones(2016’s Civil War), Tony felt the need to barge in. He put her on house arrest and asked Vision to babysit her. This was the event that acted as a catalyst in the Civil War!


All of his continuous pain, loss, alienation, and the need to fit in threw Wanda off the good path. She decided to not even try to fit in because she learned that she was so much superior to the regular people when Agatha Harkness taught her about her destiny as the Scarlet Witch. She spent the only few moments of peace in her life when she was with her kids in a little home in Westview. So it makes sense that she will try to achieve it one way or another. And this led to her becoming the ruthless killer that Tony always feared. She finally tapped into the power that Tony feared.


But then time after time, she chooses the good side over the bad side. So what does it tell about the debate about whether Tony was right about her or not? Wanda has switched sides more than you can imagine even in the comics. So she might make this switch more times in the MCU’s future as well. And every time she does, this debate will go on further and further.

What are your thoughts about Tony’s biggest fear of Wanda? let us know your answers down in the comments.


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