Doctor Strange: Welcome to the World of Mysticism in MCU

MCU has a whole lot of movies lined up for release. So here we have some breakdown from the recent Doctor Strange trailer and what to expect in the upcoming Marvel movies. Starting with Doctor Strange, we would get to see “Other Reality – Or – Other Dimensions”. This would be the first of the movies to introduce magic into the Marvel Universe.


Moving on!!

With the movie revolving around a lot of magic – and this is no illusion magic. We would get to see some good explanations behind all the tricks we see in the movie, wherein they explain how to manipulate energy. Unlike the regular Abracadabra.


According to Scott Derrickson, movie director – “What the comics did was, they brought with Doctor Strange an extra dimension into psychedelia, mysticism, and spirituality and all these very 60’s things and broke open the Marvel comic book universe into the Marvel multiverse,”

Another thing happening in the movie would be – Doctor Strange meeting Tony Stark. Excited?!!

While we get to see the Time Gem that Doctor Strange wears around his neck – the eye of Agamotto. We would see Doc Strange use the time gem to defeat the villain of the movie. While Kaecilius tries to collapse all dimensions into one dimension.



We are expecting the movie to be really grand, or at least it would match up to the likes of an Avenger movie. Since all the stuff that is happening in Doctor Strange movie is subsequently happening in Phase I, II and III of Marvel. Though Marvel hasn’t explained in detail the absence of Doctor Strange during Captain America: Civil War, but from what we know DoctorStrange has been under training.

In a recent press conference, Marvel announced some big movies coming up in Phase 4. So far we know that Marvel has been developing movie scripts and characters for Phase 4, and are pretty clear on where they want to go after the Infinity War.


doctor strange

In a way, Doctor Strange would be setting some base for the Infinity War and also for Phase 4. With the introduction of some new characters and some big villains who would rule after Avengers are done with Thanos.

What we are guessing, at this point Marvel can’t really afford to reboot and start all over again with the same kind of story line. Going by the looks of it, Marvel isn’t thinking in the short term, but it’s thinking way ahead of time. We do hope Marvel continues the same momentum as it has since Phase 1.

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