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  • MoviesActors Played Both Villains And Heroes

    10 Actors Who Played The Roles of Both Villains And Heroes

    It takes an immense amount of talent to be an actor. And on top of that to be able to play both negative and heroic roles with equal charm is a completely different level of talent and perseverance. It is no secret that it is very easy to be typecast in Hollywood, and it only takes an iconic actor to…

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  • MoviesMovie Secrets Revealed By Directors

    10 Hidden Movie Secrets Revealed By Directors

    Movies have been produced for almost half a century now, and the advancements made in the techniques have significantly improved. But in recent times there has been a wave of improvisation that has been used not just by actors, but also filmmakers when making films. Some of these ideas are mostly sublime, but a number of these ideas are plainly…

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  • HollywoodTeased Movie Sequels In Post-Credits Scenes

    10 Teased Movie Sequels In Post-Credits Scenes We Never Got

    In the movie industry, filmmakers have found out a really interesting way of setting up a narrative of the upcoming sequel of a movie. They have started making the use of post-credit scenes to set up a possible entry of an upcoming sequel, for the already ongoing narrative. Over the past few years, Marvel has perfected this practice and employed…

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  • MoviesGenius Techniques Directors Used

    10 Genius Techniques Directors Used To Get Great Movie Performances

    There’s no set formula out there to make a successful film. But one of the most essential factors that make a great film is a trusting relationship between the director and the actors. Call it good luck, or an experiment that worked out well, there are directors who have used novel techniques to get great performances in their movies. Some…

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  • HollywoodMovies In Which Reshoots Were Obvious

    10 Movies In Which The Reshoots Were Super Obvious

    Reshoots are part and parcel of the filming industry, and many of these happen as a routine to clear any issues that may have popped up during production. But sometimes these reshoots tend to become a little too much and tend to cross certain limits. Resulting in the movies going down the drain or even completely change the obvious outcome…

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  • MoviesMovie Moments Spoiled By CGI

    Great Movie Moments Spoiled By Sloppy CGI

    The current Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) effects have surpassed beyond, what they used to be a few years back. The CGI effects of today’s time have evolved to a level, where a proper implication of the CGI tools can lead to awesome effects in the movie. But, sometimes as a director one needs to understand the limitations, to the use of…

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  • MoviesWeirdest Things Actors Had To Do

    7 Weirdest Things Actors Had To Do To Land Movie Roles

    Casting is probably the most secretive process in the filmmaking industry. It is the most competitive process actors have to go through. Every actor for any film has to go through a strenuous process of reading their lines in front of many producers, which can be an extremely daunting task even for the most seasoned performers. Auditioning and reading lines…

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  • Movies

    10 Movie Origin Stories That Were Almost Made

    On several occasions, viewers have been heard giving feedback which implicated that studios were far too eager to include the origin story into a movie when it is not needed. But it’s not all the time that the origin stories are not worth it, sometimes these origin stories work wonders for the narrative. Still, on rare occasions, we have found…

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  • MoviesPlots Points Ended Up Nowhere

    10 Plots Points That Ended Up Nowhere Within the Movie

    The art of crafting a well-directed movie seems to be a very daunting task for many writers out there. Several times, any kind of movie with several characters may involve a certain number of plots. This may riddle the storyline with exciting twists, but a lot of times inclusion of several plots tends to overcomplicate the movie. And there have…

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  • HollywoodSurprising Movie Villains Reveals

    10 Reveals of Movie Villains That Were Totally Surprising

    For decades the concept of bad guys in movies has captured the interest of several viewers in Hollywood. And across the years there has been a revelation with several movies, that the protagonist is only as good as the antagonist. In every hero movie, we witness the arrival of one bad guy, who makes the entire narrative captivating and interesting.…

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  • MoviesWorst Movie Sequel Titles

    Top 10 Worst Movie Sequel Titles Till Date

    Making movies require a lot of thought process and a careful narration of the story. These elements come together to form a movie that either is very clever or extremely simple and able to captivate the audience. But post the success of the first movie, it often becomes a tedious process for actors or directors, if the next storyline does…

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  • NewsRobert Downey Jr And WW84 Razzies

    Robert Downey Jr. And WW84 Nominated For Multiple Razzies

    On Friday, the full list of nominations for the 2021 Razzies was released, and it once again aimed to tell everyone which movies were the worst. It was filled with some names that everyone expected, like 365 Days and the conspiracy theory-filled documentary Absolute Proof. However, it also contained a few surprises, like multiple nominations for Wonder Woman 1984.   Each and every…

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  • MoviesCasting Decisions Made Fans Lose Their Minds

    11 Casting Decisions That Made Fans Lose Their Minds

    Hollywood movies are an epic showdown of a great director, a great story, and especially the cast. Many a time even though the story may not be that great, the portrayal of the characters in the story by the cast kind of saves the day. But many times, a lot of politics gets involved while looking for a cast and…

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  • MoviesAwesome Post-Credits Scenes In Movies

    Post-Credits Scenes That Led To Something Awesome In Movies

    Post credits are some of the most precious moments of a movie, as they lay the groundwork for the sequels to come. Post credits become quite popular with franchisees and often create a much bigger hype for the movie that is yet to come while creating goodwill for the brand which transforms every customer or client into a potential fan.…

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  • MoviesMovies With Prejudice Yet They Were Succesful

    Amazing Movies With Awful Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

    The initial idea of creating a movie started with the film Roundhay Garden Scene in 1888. The plot behind the whole exercise was to create a moving film that would serve the purpose of communicating ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, etc with the use of moving images. The film industry has expanded since then and has given rise to multiple genres…

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  • HollywoodAccidents On Movie Sets

    10 Freakish Accidents On Movie Sets That Actors Had To Suffer

    You must have heard of things going wrong while filming movies and series. Sometimes the stuntmen or actors hurt themselves during an action stunt and sometimes actors hurt each other during a behind-the-scenes fight. But the following accidents just can’t be explained given their strange and mysterious nature. Perhaps they were acts of God or some other supernatural entity. What…

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  • MoviesPost-Credit Scenes In Movies

    10 Post-Credit Scenes In Movies That You May Have Missed

    Raise your hands if you sat through the entire credits-roll while the theatre staff was standing right over your head and waiting for you to leave. Adding Easter eggs in the post-credit scene has been quite popular in recent years with the rise of comic book movies, especially MCU. However, this concept was introduced long before MCU adopted this signature…

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  • MoviesFamous Characters Replaced Other Characters

    12 Famous Characters Who Replaced Other Characters

    Sometimes a director has to let go of a character in spite of what the script says. This happens mostly in cases of franchises and shared universes where different production houses have different plans for a character. The more powerful one or the one with the rights to the source material wins the case. There are also moments when the…

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  • Movies

    10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Arriving In 2021 To Scare You

    The real-life scare of 2020 forced several movies to push their release dates to 2021. While many films succumbed to the new normal and aired on streaming platforms, some postponed the dates with the hope of hitting the silver screen like the old days. We can’t deny how the comfort of our beds and access to streaming channels has grown…

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  • MoviesSmall Movie Moments Lot of Efforts

    12 Small Movie Moments That Directors Made With Lot of Efforts

    When it comes to the world of art and creativity, there is nothing like hard work and smart work. Art is a way of expressing one’s love and passion, and there is no short cut or ignorance in love. A lot of you might argue that minor moments in movies that you will anyway miss in a blink are not…

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  • MoviesProps From Iconic Movies and TV Shows

    12 Popular Props From Iconic Movies and TV Shows That Can Be Bought

    Raise your hands if your work desk or bookshelves are filled with merchandise from your favorite movies or replicas of their props. As a true fan, its prices are irrelevant, isn’t it? But forget about buying the merchandise and first copies of the film and series props as we bring to you the original versions. These props from famous Hollywood…

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  • CelebsCouples Eloped To Get Married Secretly

    10 Celebrity Couples Who Eloped To Get Married Secretly

    The world of show business is all about celebrating every facet of your life in a grand way. Without their lavish birthday bashes and picturesque weddings, our Instagram and YouTube would have no purpose. After all, making their every moment the public is not just a show-off but a PR strategy. Fans are eagerly waiting for them to bless their…

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  • MoviesScary Villains Cowards In Reality

    10 Scary Villains Who Were Cowards In Reality

    Some villains are loud and useless like empty vessels. They will throw a parade and show off their so-called glory but when it comes to getting on the field, they will run for the mountains. They had just tapped on the phenomenon of ‘fear of the unknown’. But when the heroes really took the courage to get above their fear…

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  • MoviesBrutal Fates Worse Than Death

    10 Brutal Fates In Movies That Were Worse Than Death

    Filmmakers and writers are known for the creative minds behind the fictional and fantasy world. But sometimes these writers use their creativity for dark and grim things as well. Instead of blessing their characters with a peaceful death, they inflict painful fates on them. This route is so awful that they’d beg for death as mercy. Well, there is no…

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  • MoviesCharacters Book Descriptions

    10 Movie Characters Who Do Not Look Like Their Book Descriptions

    Turning a book into a movie might look like an easier job than creating an original plot due to the available source material but that’s not. Adapting books comes with a storm of pressure from the author and readers. Everyone expects you do to be as original as possible to the origin which is not easy due to the limited…

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  • MoviesMovie Adaptations From Books

    12 Movie Adaptations That Dropped Out The Craziest Stuff From Books

    We are always talking about movies taking creative liberty while adapting stories from the books. It can’t be denied how hard it is to be faithful to the source material for the time, age certification, and novelty constraints. What sounds good on the papers cannot necessarily be translated in the same way on the screen. Sometimes, the films also have…

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  • MoviesMovies with the Most Shocking Endings

    10 Movies That Had The Most Shocking Endings

    What is a movie without a little plot twist? Be it a psychological thriller or a teenage rom-com, movies strive for twists and mystery. Even though the degree varies from genre to genre, you can always expect the unexpected. However, some films went beyond the expectations and left us gobsmacked with their endings. It was not the plot twist but…

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  • MoviesMovies Recycled Footage From Other Movies

    10 Times Movies Recycled Footage From Other Hollywood Movies

    By now, you must be used to Hollywood directors taking influences from other movies and series or shamelessly recreating the scenes. But this list isn’t about stealing ideas, it’s about stealing/ borrowing the same clip from other films. There can be various reasons behind it. Sometimes, the stringent production budget forces the director to take this route to cut set…

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  • MoviesWorst Dialogues In Movies

    10 Worst Dialogues That Actors Had To Say In Movies

    Movies have a special department of writers that are dedicated to brainstorm story and come up with the best dialogues. That’s a regular person’s words are forgotten but a movie character’s words turn into iconic quotes. A single quote has a team of writers spending days and months behind it. But what happened in the case of the following lines?…

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  • MoviesUpcoming Movies of 2021

    10 Major Upcoming Movies of 2021 That Might Flop

    2020 saw a major delay in a plethora of highly-anticipated movies. Now the burden has fallen on 2021 that will be seeing a storm of much-awaited movie releases, thus increasing the competition. The announcement of films like “Tom & Jerry” and “Cruella” has further fueled the euphoria of fans whose hair is already turning grey from the prolonged wait since…

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  • MoviesSecrets Hidden In Movies

    10 Mind-Blowing Secrets Hidden In Movies And Series That You Never Knew

    Unlike the ordinary audience, cinephiles know better than considering movies just a source of entertainment. Some of the brilliant minds of Hollywood will go beyond building a plot, casting good-looking actors, and adding visual effects. Their passion for art compels them to sneak in details that may be insignificant to mere entertainment seekers but will be a gem for pure…

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  • HollywoodHero Caused Death of Innocents

    10 Times The Hero Caused The Death Of Several Innocents

    Should a hero fight the villain or protect mankind? What should be his/her priority? Heroes are considered the good guys and are always basking in the glory of fame. We often forget that heroes are also human like us and prone to mess things up. But they should be more careful since they literally deal with matters of life and…

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  • MoviesRomantic Scenes In Movies Creepy

    10 Romantic Scenes In Movies That Can Be Creepy

    We are not here to mock corny romances. In fact, we are all for “love is in the air” with hearts on the phone back cover, and pictures of bae brimming our Instagram profiles. JK. Instagram is all about me and my “not so perfect life”. Regardless of our relationship status and our stand in love, romcoms make us feel…

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  • HollywoodSignificant Moments In Hollywood Movies

    12 Significant Moments In Hollywood Movies That Are Getting Old

    Hollywood movies are incomplete without these iconic dialogues. In the fashion industry, the trends and designs keep returning after a period of time, just like the bell bottoms. Similarly, Hollywood has been producing movies for decades and centuries which compels plot twists and dialogues to get repeated. But then, this industry attracts millions of aspiring artists and writers with new…

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  • MoviesBest Sci-Fi Movies of 2020

    Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2020 That Will Blow Your Mind

    Science fiction is a genre we have all come to love during our time with movies. Ever since the inception of special effects, directors have tried to create worlds and stories that transcend normal understanding when writing concepts. The realization of this kind of vision can be seen with old classics like Star Wars and The Matrix. The idea behind…

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  • MoviesTime Science Fiction Movies

    10 Time Science Fiction Movies Were Made Into A Reality  

    Sci-fi movies and series that project futuristic tech is meant to leave us impressed. They visualize future science as a far-away dream and a groundbreaking invention. But when the time finally arrives to compare the fictional technology with the real-life invention and innovations, the latter has gone beyond expectations. Seems like the sci-fi directors had underestimated the science of reality.…

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  • HollywoodCreative Ways Actors Transformed

    10 Creative Ways Actors Transformed Themselves Into On-Screen Characters

    Adrien Brody left his house and girlfriend to get into his character from WWII in “The Pianist”. Method actor Jared Leto reportedly gifted used condoms to his “Suicide Squad” costars to feel like Joker. There are more Hollywood actors who adopted wild ways to immerse themselves in their roles. Some are out-of-the-box while some went overboard like Jared Leto. You…

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  • MoviesMovies And Series Difficult To Watch

    12 Hollywood Movies And Series That Are Difficult To Watch Now

    Life was easier when you believed every character and story being shown in movies and series. As we grow up, we come across the forbidden fruit and learn things that can’t be unlearned. Being fully aware that you’re watching fictional stories makes it easier to separate the actors from the characters. But the real-life scandals of the actors make it…

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  • Movies

    10 Crazy Reasons Why These Movies Were Changed

    It’s no surprise that a movie script goes through various drafts before finally getting approved to hit the screen. A movie had various deleted clips that don’t make it to the theatres. The factors can keep varying from time constraints to controversies and so on. But some of these reasons that we have mentioned sound utterly silly and ridiculous. We…

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  • MoviesIconic Characters Damaged By Directors

    10 Iconic Characters That Were Damaged In Sequels And Prequels By Directors

    Fan-favorite characters aren’t made in a day. They require a team of brilliant minds who dedicate months to drawing out the best yet relatable qualities in the character. Some film heroes or other characters became famous because they carried a perfect blend of flaws and perfection that audiences related to. Looking at the success, directors, and producers were naturally encouraged…

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  • TelevisionMovie And TV Series Roles Huge Impact

    10 Movie And TV Series Roles That Left A Huge Impact On The Actors’ Lives

    Is it better to be over-expected or under-expected? An actor’s life revolves around transforming into various characters from movie to movie. They get under the skin of whoever they play and change their entire mentality, body posture, accent, etc. As viewers from the other side of the fence, we expect them to wear and throw off their characters like clothes.…

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  • MoviesMovies Dwayne Johnson Starred In

    6 Movies That Dwayne Johnson Almost Starred In

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is currently sitting on the throne, making money off of movies left and right. He gets a bunch of offers and keeps signing new films left and right. But things weren’t as easy for him in the 2000s and the early 2010s. There are some movies that he had a great chance to be a part…

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  • MoviesDetails Hidden In Foreign Languages

    12 Details Hidden In Foreign Languages In Movies And TV Shows

    Comedy in the entertainment sector has gone through major changes over the decades. We have grown out of Chandler Bing’s body-shaming jokes and Joey Tribbiani’s dumbness and now relishing Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s wit. It’s either getting tougher to make the audience laugh or the movies and shows are losing their charm. However, some creators have been able to crack the…

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  • HollywoodMovie Characters Based On Real People

    12 Movie Characters That Were Based On People From Real Life

    Every form of creativity has a muse. Even though we enjoy diving into the fictional world of imaginary characters and stories, let us not forget that writers often get inspired by their surroundings. They are the silent readers who watch society and break down human and animal psychology. Some of them are excellent at translating those observations and imaginations into…

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  • MoviesDark Origin Stories of Famous Characters

    Dark Origin Stories of Famous Characters

    Characters have a lot of depth than what appears on the screen. We are well aware of the backstories of leading heroes that are mostly filled with tragedies and losses. There are other characters too with intriguing past but they often get overshadowed by the hero’s spotlight. We have attempted to touch upon some backstories that shocked us from the…

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  • HollywoodOn-Screen Couples Make No Sense

    On-Screen Couples In TV Shows And Movies That Make No Sense

    If you want to have fun, it is always advisable to leave logic behind while watching movies and TV shows. After all, finding logic and sense in fictional stories simply sucks the fun out of entertainment. But sometimes our realistic brains can’t help but scrutinize the possibility of some elements or plots. It helps us to snap ourselves back into…

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  • MoviesCrazy Revelations By Filmmakers

    12 Crazy Revelations By Filmmakers That Will Surprise You

    Movies are not a one-time thing for fans and cinephiles. We keep going back to them for digging more questions, hidden meaning, and other secrets. Whether they are relevant or not, these pieces of information are of the utmost value to us. Fans are still tied to the age-old classics like “The Matrix” or “The Shawshank Redemption” because of the…

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  • MoviesMoments Inspired From Real Life Events

    Famous TV And Movie Moments That Were Inspired From Real Life Events

    While half of the world wonders if biopics and real-life based stories such as ‘The Crown’ of Netflix have any imaginary elements, no one pays attention to the fictional ones. Yes, there are plenty of fictional films and series that included incidents from real life. But only a few brave writers will admit getting inspired by them. Some of them…

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  • HollywoodFacts About Famous Characters’ Costumes

    14 Interesting Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes You Didn’t Know

    Every movie and series has a separate costume department that spends day and night creating the best outfit for the character. It is not merely about wearing something or setting a fashion statement. The team has to go through meticulous research behind every costume. It should tell a story, describe the nature of the character, or tap onto the viewers’…

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  • MoviesDark Moments In Light-Hearted Movies

    14 Sudden Dark Moments In Light-Hearted Movies That You Didn’t See Coming

    When it comes to thrillers, suspense, or horror movies, we don’t expect anything but shady substances. But it’s pretty shocking when funny characters or light-hearted shows and movies throw something dreadful on your face. You are smiling and enjoying a feel-good movie when suddenly something totally unexpected turns everything chilly and black. This list is full of depressing and gloomy…

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  • MoviesMovie Scenes Originally Different

    12 Movie Scenes You Didn’t Know Were Originally Different

    Movie Scenes Originally Different: The screenwriters and the creative team spend months in coming up with themes and dialogues. Even the smallest and the most random detail may have taken hours of brainstorming by brilliant minds. Now imagine how would you feel if the scenes were changed in the last moment. Everything that is written on the pages is not…

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  • MoviesStupidest Characters In Movies

    12 Stupidest Characters In Movies Who Were Supposed To Be Smart

    A huge amount of money and brains is invested in creating genius movie characters such as detectives and secret agents. Yet, these supposedly “clever” heroes and villains turned out to have lesser common sense than ordinary people like us who are neither double agent nor have a team of scriptwriters. We get so mesmerized by their majestic plans that we…

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  • MoviesBehind The Scenes Moments From Sets

    10 Shocking Behind-The-Scenes Moments From Movie And TV Series Sets

    The lives of actors seem pretty glamorous on the outside but the reality is far different. Making a movie or TV show is one of the most difficult and messy jobs in the world. There are several teams who are assigned with 100-different duties which must be completed within a specified period of time. Coordinating the design department, scriptwriters, costume…

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  • MoviesCharacters Deleted From Popular Movies

    12 Famous Actors Whose Characters Were Deleted From Popular Movies

    Directors often make eccentric characters with a purpose in their head but that is not always comprehended by the test audience. Either it is too distracting, doesn’t long, or simply doesn’t contribute to the story. Many cameos and short appearances by famous actors were left out from the film for these reasons. Whatever the idea behind them was, the makers…

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  • MoviesMovies & TV Shows Christian Bale

    10 Movies & TV Shows That Christian Bale Has Turned Down

    Movies & TV Shows Christian Bale Turned Down: Christian Bale is one of the greatest and most devoted actors in the industry. He is someone who wholeheartedly commits to any role that he takes on. I mean, the guy goes completely method!! Whether it is a massive role like Batman or a character in smaller budget movies like The Fighter,…

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  • MoviesPerformances of Popular Actors

    12 Best And Worst Performances of Popular Actors In Movies

    As bizarre as it may seem, there isn’t much difference between Hollywood actors and common people like us. Keeping the glamor and wealth aside, their experiences mirror a lot with ours. Their journey to the current success was met with countless challenges and hurdles. These stars also had ups and downs in their career. As exceptional and magnificent as the…

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  • MoviesFacts About Iconic Movies

    12 Interesting Facts About Iconic Movies Shared By The Filmmakers

    The story doesn’t end after we finish a movie. It is relived by fans and filmmakers who continue discussing the various depths of the film and the theories linked to it. During these discussions, scriptwriters, directors, and actors have revealed surprising details that didn’t appear on the screen. These details belong to classic movies and are therefore quite valuable to…

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  • MoviesDetails In Movies And TV Series

    12 Details In Movies And TV Series That Are Wrong And Illogical

    Movies and shows are meant to be an escape from reality. So it would be unfair to expect real-life logic from them. We do believe when some lifts buildings and flies higher than the birds or falls in love at first sight. That’s the whole purpose of these entertainment pieces. But sometimes big-time filmmakers and showrunners muck up with logic…

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  • HollywoodActors Behind Their Characters

    12 Times Actors Had A Big Role Behind Their Characters

    An actor’s job is mostly considered to be limited to acting and memorizing lines. It is true in some cases except a few where the actors had a major contribution towards their roles. They helped built the characters in a way that even the directors and writers couldn’t have visualized. Clearly, these actors are multi-talented, for they didn’t just mug…

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  • MoviesActors Became Face of Franchise

    10 Times Unknown Actors Became The Face of A Franchise

    Big-budget movies and productions capitalize on well-known and popular faces as their brand. It’s usually the cast whose influence promotes and markets the film. For instance, seeing Tom Hanks or Daniel Craig promises a good film. But some franchises took the risk of casting lesser-known or completely unknown actors. Surprisingly, the most obscure actor became the face of the franchise.…

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  • MoviesWhy Actors Rejected Legendary Roles

    10 Crazy Reasons Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles In Hollywood

    Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles: It’s impossible to think of another face portraying the iconic movie characters. But the directors had to go through many options before finding the right fit. You will be surprised to know that some actors had the audacity to turn down the famous characters of today. And the reasons for passing up these tempting offers…

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  • MoviesMovies Without Special Effects

    Movies That Are Originally Funny Without The Special Effects

    Movies Without Special Effects: Most of the mesmerizing movies are a product of special effects nowadays. The digital wizardry deserves half the credit for all the successful movies like The Avengers, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter Franchise, etc. Without this tech, we can’t imagine magic and battles with the aliens and White Walkers. Furthermore, the fast development of technology is…

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  • Movies

    10 Most Disturbing And Awkward On-Screen Love Scenes to Watch

    Awkward On-Screen Love Scenes: You have a different set of companies for various genres of movies. While theatres are extremely strict with the age norms, there are no hard and fast rules at home for action, romcoms, and thriller.  However, certain movies are so explicit with intimate scenes that we can’t even watch them with our friends, let alone with…

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  • MoviesSets Reused By Legendary Movies

    12 Times Props and Sets Were Reused By Legendary Movies

    Sets Reused By Legendary Movies: Even big-budget movies can spend miserly on the productions. Money management is a crucial factor in every field, including the billion dollars-worth industry. The filmmakers try to cut costs wherever possible and invest the money somewhere else for optimum results. That’s why many movies and series have borrowed sets or props from other movies and…

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  • MoviesMovie Roles Traumatized Actors

    10 Movie Roles That Mentally Traumatized The Actors

    Movie Roles Traumatized Actors: Being famous and getting paid in millions can often come at a great cost. An actor’s life is far different from ours. We aren’t referring to their mansions, private jet, and 5-star hotel stays but to the efforts, they put in their work. They do not have a regular 9-5 job. Spending more than 12 hours…

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  • Movies

    10 Hollywood Movies That Got Their History All Wrong

    Hollywood Movies Got History Wrong: We have talked about movies that got their science and logic wrong. But this list mentions the films that were historically inaccurate and made no sense. You will be surprised to see some masterpieces too that made these blunders. However, when have we ever looked for logic in movies? Movies are for fun and entertainment,…

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  • MoviesCelebs Relatives Played A Cameo

    12 Celebs Whose Relatives Played A Cameo In Their Movies and Series

    Celebs Relatives Played A Cameo: Most of the time, a cameo is given by famous faces. Isn’t that the whole point of a cameo? But sometimes you miss out on an awesome cameo because you couldn’t recognize the person. We are referring to the special appearances given by the relatives, partners, or kids of the actor or director. For instance,…

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  • MoviesAuthors Hate The Movie Adaptions

    Authors Who Hate The Movie Adaptions of Their Novels

    Authors Hate The Movie Adaptions: Authors and movie-makers locking horns is common news. Adapting a book is not a smooth business as it swirls creative discord between the writer and the producers. The studios try to stay loyal to the source material but it isn’t possible for them to include every page in the 2-3 hours of the movie. Moreover,…

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  • MoviesIconic Props From Movies Sold

    10 Iconic Props From Movies That Were Sold At Expensive Prices

    Iconic Props From Movies Sold: We often find ourselves spending an exorbitant amount on our favorite movie souvenirs or merchandise. Raise your hands if you have looked for Harry Potter cauldrons, Deadpool bobbleheads, or “Joey Doesn’t Share Food” t-shirts. There are a lot of emotions and excitement attached to these items that weigh more than the prices. Now imagine the…

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  • MoviesBehind The Scenes From Movies

    Unbelievable Behind-The-Scenes Moments From Popular Movies

    Behind The Scenes From Movies: A movie has two stories, one is seen on the screen and the other happens off the screen. Most of the viewers get to know only the former. Thanks to the internet that behind-the-scenes stories and bloopers have become easily accessible. In this list, we have mentioned some of the most bizarre stories from the…

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