10 Worst Dialogues That Actors Had To Say In Movies

Movies have a special department of writers that are dedicated to brainstorm story and come up with the best dialogues. That’s a regular person’s words are forgotten but a movie character’s words turn into iconic quotes. A single quote has a team of writers spending days and months behind it. But what happened in the case of the following lines? Didn’t it occur to any writer how ridiculous the words sounded? Was the director forced to approve these awful lines? Or were they improvised by a silly actor? These movie lines are so bad that we couldn’t let them be forgotten. Here are the 10 worst dialogues that actors had to say in movies.

 1. Death Race

Worst Dialogues In Movies
Worst Dialogues In Movies

Some film dialogues get iconic only because they never made any sense to the audience. This dialogue to Jason Statham in “Death Race” was all over the place. Simply clubbing words like “f*ck”, “shit”, etc. doesn’t make a cool trash talk. Now, what do you make out of “Alright cocksucker, fuck with me, and we’ll see who shits on the sidewalk”.?

 2. X-Men

The famous line by Storm “Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everyone else” had thrown the fans on a loop. This monologue came across as an old school cheesy joke that appears out of nowhere. It really sounded weird and forceful as a joke that didn’t fit the context. But that wasn’t Halle Berry’s fault. The original scene had the mutant toad hopping around here and there gloating about his toad powers by saying things like “you know what happens when a toad wants food?”. At last, when Storm fried him with her powers, she used his joke back at him. But unfortunately, the previous scenes were deleted, leaving Storm’s punchline futile.

 3. Showdown In Little Tokyo

In an earlier scene in the action film, Dolph Lundgren’s Kenner gives a gun to Tia Carrere’s Minako Okaya for protection and asks her to shoot anyone she hears coming. When she asks what if it’s him, Kenner replies that this time she won’t see him coming. This dialogue was later used as an ocringe-worthy one-liner. As the two end up having s3x and are cuddling after the deed, Minako tells Kenner “That time… I heard you coming”.

 4. Eraser

Worst Dialogues In Movies
Worst Dialogues In Movies

In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Luggage”, the actor was a giant crocodile when he says “You’re luggage” to boost his confidence. A lot of were left confused with Arnold calling a predator “luggage”. But all he was referring to crocodile skin bags with his cheesy punchline.

 5. Batman (1989)

In “Batman”, Jack Nicholson’s Joker was mad at Kim Basinger’s Vicky Vale as she was seeing another man. So he shoots Bruce Wayne for seeing Vicky and says “Never rub a man’s rhubarb!”. But then again, it’s Joker and we can’t expect any sense in his words.

 6. In The Line Of Fire

The telephonic conversation between Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich was one of the most dramatic and intense moments of a Hollywood action film. Malkovich had totally stolen the spotlight with his powerful dialogues “Do u know what I did for God & country Frank? Some pretty horrible things ” and “Show me some God Damned respect!!” before slamming the phone. But what did Eastwood say? “Rendezvous with my a*s, m*therf*cker!”

 7. Gigli

Worst Dialogues In Movies
Worst Dialogues In Movies

Another dialogue used to turn things hot in the bedroom came out as gross and weird. Jennifer Lopez was enticing Ben Affleck to go down on her in the bed by saying “It’s Turkey Time”. When a confused Ben responds with “huh?!”, a hot Lopez explains with “gobble gobble” by indicating down there.  *eew!*

 8. Batman & Robin

“Batman & Robin” is a joke in the history of Batman movies that is filled with bad performance, cheesy puns, and bright visuals forcing you to wear sun glasses. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze kept delivering poor and irritating puns that went over the audience’s head. One of them was “Let’s kick some ice!”. I am snow master of puns but this wasn’t an ice one.

 9. Road House

Worst Dialogues In Movies
Worst Dialogues In Movies

When Patrick Swayze was at the hospital to get surgical staples, the doctor is about to give him local anesthesia. But Patrick denies to get it, probably because heroes have thick skin. When she asks if he “enjoys pain”, he replies with a smile “pain don’t hurt”. Let’s honor this line with a moment of silence.

 10. Blade

Morbius Blade Tyrese Gibson Sony

In “Blade”, this iconic one-liner of Wesley Snipes totally killed his career, in a bad way. The movie was nearing an intense moment and tension was rising when the hero arrived and delivered this punch-line with swag by saying “some mother*ckers are always trying to ice skate uphill”.

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