10 Powers of Heroes in Popular Movies That Made No Sense

Powers of Heroes Made No Sense:

The protocol to watch a fictional movie or TV show is to drop logic behind us. It becomes next to impossible to enjoy the stories if we add logic to them. We love to escape from our reality and jump into a world where all our fantasies come true and everything is possible, from hot vampires roaming around to gaining powers from radioactive spiders. It is brilliant how these directors and writers make the fictional world sound possible in our minds with fictitious logic. But sometimes they muck up and are unable to make sense in their own stories. Some of these stories gave immense skills and strengths to our heroes but failed to make them look possible. You’ll understand what we are talking about once you begin with the list. Find out the 10 powers of heroes in movies that make no sense.

 1. Iron Man 2

In Iron Man2, Ivan Vanko is an electrical engineer who spent years in prison. We were never shown where a mechanical engineer learned to hack like a pro. Without any experience, Whiplash was able to hack into Hammer’s security system. Hammer was Tony Stark’s rival defense contractor which means that he should have pretty high security installed in his system. Then how did a physicist with mechanical engineering become a cybercriminal? Where did he study computers?

 2. Glee

Throughout the season of Glee, Brittany was shown as a low IQ girl who was struggling to make through her high school. Then one day she learns that she was the genius Stephen Hawking’s daughter and suddenly becomes a mathematics wizard and gets into MIT.

 3. Aquaman

Aquaman explained throughout the movie that only the royal bloodline could breathe on land and underwater. That’s why Atlanna, Arthur, and Mera could spend time on land. But the rest of the Atlanteans do not possess the amphibian-like genes. That explains why Atlanteans wore suits filled with water during the battle on the ground. There was no explanation behind Vulko’s ability to breathe on land since he didn’t belong to the royal family.

 4. Harry Potter

Before you begin to protest, hear us out! We are not referring to Harry’s magical abilities. What baffles us is more of a human problem that should be common in both the muggle and wizard world. Harry has had an eyesight problem since childhood which should make it quite impossible to catch a small object that is zooming in the air. Despite his eyesight, Harry was one of the best seekers of his time in Hogwarts.

 5. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman aka Dianna had studied about Socrates in Ancient Greek. But maybe it was incomplete knowledge since she was alien to the concept of marriage. How can she go through Socrates’s philosophy without coming across marriage since he spoke about this subject?

 6. Limitless

Combat training is like mathematics. You can’t pass a test just by looking at the book. It needs dedicated practice to be nearly successful in their implementation. Yet, Eddie was able to smoothly knock down his men just by remembering the fight sequences from movies. No matter how eidetic your memory is, combat doesn’t work on theoretical knowledge. It needs training in the maneuvers and also building of strength to attain proficiency.

 7. Noah

Noah was pretty serious about the rituals and ceremonies in which ancestors passed on their powers to their successors. If you fail to do so, the powers will not move down the line. Even Noah had to perform the rite to pass down his abilities to his grandchildren. But first, we need to pause the ceremony and ask ourselves how on Earth did Noah inherit these powers? Noah’s father got the powers fromGod but the father-son could never finish the ritual.

 8. Collateral

Collateral is a hit movie that was lauded heavily by the audience and critics. However, the entire story that it was based on had a major glitch. The movie was about a taxi driver who had to stop his passenger, a highly trained assassin, from executing a deadly mission. In the end, the trained assassin missed all his shots while the cab driver Max successfully hit his target.

 9. Wolverine

What sets Wolverine apart from others and gives him an edge over his enemies is his adamantium skeleton. Adamantium metal is supposed to slice through anything, which is why Wolverine’s claws were made of it and not of any ordinary metal. In spite of this, Wolverine couldn’t cut through the ninja’s swords.

 10. Real Steel

Real Steel is a hardcore sci-fi movie that sees a battle between two robots. One of the roots, Zeus belonged to the latest generation with state-of-the-art technology whereas its rival, Atom was an older and lighter model. Without a doubt, Zeus was able to knock down an Atom in the first four rounds. But to our surprise, Atom still endures through the blows and stands back up to continue the fight.

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