10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Arriving In 2021 To Scare You

The real-life scare of 2020 forced several movies to push their release dates to 2021. While many films succumbed to the new normal and aired on streaming platforms, some postponed the dates with the hope of hitting the silver screen like the old days. We can’t deny how the comfort of our beds and access to streaming channels has grown on us, but there was always a new thrill to watch big-budget films on big screens to enjoy the delightful visuals and the majestic sounds. So let us dive into the horror movies that are expected to hit the theatres in 2021. Some were intended for this year, while others were pushed from their original dates. Find out the 10 most anticipated horror movies arriving in 2021 to scare you.

A Quiet Place II

Horror Movies in 2020

John Krasinski gave an awesome treat the unique horror A Quiet Place that is directed by him. Even though his character dies at the end of her first film, his wife, played by Emily Blunt, and their kids continue the battle of survival against the monstrous aliens in silence.


The classic Candyman will be returning after ages to the big screens with a team of fresh talents- Nia DaCosta as director and Jordon Peele and Win Rosenfeld as writers. It picks up from where it left off where an artist starts research on the murder sites of Candyman from decades back. The eerie story proceeds as his obsession begins.

Run Sweetheart Run

Anticipated Horror Movies In 2021
Anticipated Horror Movies In 2021

We have nothing but extremely high hopes from a movie whose title alone is so intense. After the success of Jordan Peele’s horror film Get Out that centers on racial inequality and social injustice, Shana Feste is all geared up with Run Sweetheart Run that throws light on the gender injustice and misogyny in the modern world. It’s inspired by Shana Feste’s real-life experience where she ended up on the roads of Hollywood without her shoes, wallet, or mobile phone while running away from sexual assault.

Halloween Kills

Fans of Halloween were excited to welcome back the franchise in 2018 that plans to run a trilogy. It navigates the lives of Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode and her family who are still fighting the trauma left by Michael Myers. But their already troubled lives have taken another turn as a new serial killer named Shape has shown up with more killings than Myers. Its dates have moved from October 2020 to 15th October 2021.

Paranormal Activity 7

Anticipated Horror Movies In 2021
Anticipated Horror Movies In 2021

The title and plot of the movie are still unknown, but it is confirmed that it will be arriving in 2021. According to the director and producers, it will be stepping aside from the storyline of the previous films that focused on the Featherstone family’s curses.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

This teenage horror is about a young girl named Makani who transfers from Hawaii to Nebraska for her final year of high school. But just when she moves, she finds out that the town is haunted by a killer who is revealing the darkest secrets of his victims before killing them.

Escape Room 2

The popular horror film Escape Room was based on the phenomenon of puzzle rooms where the participants trapped inside had to solve the puzzle in order to survive. However, in this film, the game ended up taking a violent turn where most of the hostages end up dying. The two people who survived will be returning in the sequel where they embark on a mission to hunt down the orchestrator of the experiment, Gamemaster.

Don’t Breathe 2

Anticipated Horror Movies In 2021
Anticipated Horror Movies In 2021

The first installment depicted the reclusive life of an old blind man named Norman Nordstrom who lived alone after his daughter passed away. One day his house was invaded by two robbers who ended up paying heavily as Nordstrom turned out to be surprisingly strong, skilled, and lethal. The sequel will introduce a new character, an orphan girl adopted by Norman who lives with him in an isolated cabin in the woods.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The chilling horror franchise that took everyone by storm with its first film based on a real-life incident is returning in 2021. The third installment of The Conjuring franchise navigates the real-life murder trial of Arne Cheyenne from 1981 who was the first man ever to used demonic possession as his defense.

The Forever Purge

The popular franchise that is based on a dystopian era where everyone is allowed to commit a crime on one particular day of the year is returning in 2021. Even though we know the main theme of the film, its plot is still unknown. However, it is believed that this will be the last part of the franchise.

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