Paranormal Activity

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    10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Arriving In 2021 To Scare You

    The real-life scare of 2020 forced several movies to push their release dates to 2021. While many films succumbed to the new normal and aired on streaming platforms, some postponed the dates with the hope of hitting the silver screen like the old days. We can’t deny how the comfort of our beds and access to streaming channels has grown…

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    4 Untold Truths Of Paranormal Activity

    The low-budget blockbuster Paranormal Activity (2007), directed by Oren Peli terrified the audience like anything and many left the theaters before the completion of the film. The movie was made with a budget of just $15,000 and collected more than $193 million worldwide! Truly phenomenal, isn’t it? What made the found footage horror film a phenomenal blockbuster? There are some…

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