On-Screen Couples In TV Shows And Movies That Make No Sense

If you want to have fun, it is always advisable to leave logic behind while watching movies and TV shows. After all, finding logic and sense in fictional stories simply sucks the fun out of entertainment. But sometimes our realistic brains can’t help but scrutinize the possibility of some elements or plots. It helps us to snap ourselves back into reality. One of the most scanned themes in stories is relationships. We are inclined to contemplate whether different people with different upbringings, personalities, and choices can live together forever. Which one has more possibility? The couple who click immediately or the opposites to struggle through hell and heaven to make retain their romance? Find out the on-screen couples in TV and movies that make no sense.

 1. Ted and Robin in How I Met Your Mother

Ted’s undying love for Robin in spite of everything makes our heart go “aww”. But the whole history was confusing AF. Just when we thought Robin and Barney were soulmates and perfect for each other, they parted ways, only to get married and eventually divorced in the future. But at least they seemed an ideal couple who understood each other and shared a lot of similarities.

What did Ted like in Robin anyway? They had nothing in common and she was nothing like the ideal life partner in Ted’s head. Moreover, Robin and Barney separated despite the love because Robin was too busy with her tours. A few decades later, she is again interested in Ted (for the 100th time) because she misses romance in her life.

 2. Jonathan and Nancy in Stranger Things

On-Screen Couples That Make No Sense

Okay. So it took some time for Nancy to realize that she wasn’t made for the ostentatious group and find similarities with Jonathan. But merely finding someone like yourself doesn’t mean you have to date them. Going through a traumatic experience together cannot make you fall in love with your stalker who used to click photographs of you while changing.

 3. Cher and Josh in Clueless

So how did the adorable couple Cher and Josh meet? Well, they used to be step-siblings. Yes, they weren’t related by blood and their parents got separated but weren’t they supposed to see each other as siblings while sharing the same roof? Since ‘Clueless’ was inspired by Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’, why didn’t they keep Josh as the neighbor/family friend/ sister’s brother-in-law?

 4. Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley in Harry Potter Franchise

Hermione and Ron were poles apart. Her being studious and Ron being lazy isn’t the reason. Hermione was a confident, mature, and compassionate girl who never shied away from displaying her feelings, while Ron was an insecure and inconsiderate boy who made her cry on several occasions.

On-Screen Couples That Make No Sense
On-Screen Couples That Make No Sense

She might have been bossy but she always put others before herself. Ron on the other hand couldn’t get out of his insecurities while judging others on the basis of their appearances. We can’t even imagine these two people spending the rest of their lives together under the same roof. She couldn’t have relied on his sense of humor forever, could she?

 5. Jack and Rose in Titanic

Were Jack and Rose really in love or was it an infatuation? Did Jack sacrifice his life to save a woman he barely knew? People don’t even add each other on Facebook that early. Surely, Rose didn’t like her upper-class life and wanted a break from it, but falling for the first guy she meets outside her society seems like a ‘What Happens On Ship, Stays On Ship’ kinda moment.

 6. John and Claire in Wedding Crashers

On-Screen Couples That Make No Sense
On-Screen Couples That Make No Sense

John and Claire’s relationship may have started on deception but it still counts. Yes, John had lied to Claire about being her relative but she didn’t know that. Yet, Claire went with the flow and kissed a man who she thought was her cousin.

 7. Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff in MCU

The most difficult relationship to comprehend is that of Bruce and Natasha in MCU Avengers. Where did the chemistry even rise from? One moment Natasha points her gun at her and Bruce turns into Hulk to smash her, the next moment they plan to leave everything behind and run away. They must have spent merely 2 days together, that too surrounded by their team.

 8. Penny and Leonard in Big Bang Theory

Believe it or not but the awkward scientists- Sheldon and Amy-were a more inspiring and ideal couple than Penny and Leonard. No matter how weird Howard was, he and Bernadette had a lot of things in common to talk about. But it’s impossible to see Leonard and Penny have a happy couple in the future. With time, the group hangouts would have reduced and this couple had to transcend from being romantic partners to being best friends.

On-Screen Couples That Make No Sense
On-Screen Couples That Make No Sense

But what would they talk about or do together as an activity? Penny is a Sales rep in the corporate while Leonard is a scientist at a university. Penny is a sports enthusiast and her husband knows nothing about it nor does he enjoy it. As much as we love them, they are doomed to get distant over time.

 9. Ann and Andy in Parks and Recreation

We never pictured the opposites Ann and Andy fall for each other. Yes, such couples have existed in real life but most of them didn’t last long. In what world could a rigid and serious nurse like Ann stay with an immature and cartoonish person like Andy? Yes, we did love Chris Pratt’s Andy but this romance is hard to process.

 10. Andrew and Allison in The Breakfast Club

On-Screen Couples That Make No Sense
On-Screen Couples That Make No Sense

The moment Allison changes her appearance, Andrew gets interested in her. And then they were supposed to be an ideal couple? Moreover, we have no reason to believe that they would have lasted forever, considering their contradicting nature and habits.

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