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  • HollywoodCelebrities Banned From Hollywood TV Shows

    12 Times Celebrities Were Banned From Hollywood TV Shows

    That’s the problem with being famous. When you are watched and scrutinized by so many eyes, you have to be extremely vigilant with your words and action. One tiny error, which humans aren’t immune to, can end your entire career. There are many examples of big time celebs and stars who got themselves shunned from TV chat shows by blabbing…

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  • MoviesDetails Hidden In Foreign Languages

    12 Details Hidden In Foreign Languages In Movies And TV Shows

    Comedy in the entertainment sector has gone through major changes over the decades. We have grown out of Chandler Bing’s body-shaming jokes and Joey Tribbiani’s dumbness and now relishing Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s wit. It’s either getting tougher to make the audience laugh or the movies and shows are losing their charm. However, some creators have been able to crack the…

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  • HollywoodOn-Screen Couples Make No Sense

    On-Screen Couples In TV Shows And Movies That Make No Sense

    If you want to have fun, it is always advisable to leave logic behind while watching movies and TV shows. After all, finding logic and sense in fictional stories simply sucks the fun out of entertainment. But sometimes our realistic brains can’t help but scrutinize the possibility of some elements or plots. It helps us to snap ourselves back into…

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