12 Details Hidden In Foreign Languages In Movies And TV Shows

Comedy in the entertainment sector has gone through major changes over the decades. We have grown out of Chandler Bing’s body-shaming jokes and Joey Tribbiani’s dumbness and now relishing Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s wit. It’s either getting tougher to make the audience laugh or the movies and shows are losing their charm. However, some creators have been able to crack the trick and have thrown us off our seats with their comedy. They are finding clever ways to be funny and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to get them. Similarly, there are other details foreshadowing or referencing to something which the audience doesn’t catch. They are hidden well in plain sight. So, in case it goes over your head and your reflex isn’t as good as Drax the Destroyer’s to catch it, we’ll be there for you. This article has listed some jokes, Easter eggs, and references that were included in languages not known to many. So, find out the details hidden in foreign languages in movies and TV shows.

 1. Kingsman: The Secret Service

When Eggsy asks for the code to access through Princess Tilde’s jail, he adds that he wanted to take her offer to “do it in the a**hole”. Interestingly, the code he gets is “2625”. Well, if you use those old Nokia/Samsung bar phones or an alphabetical keypad, 2625 translates to “anal” and c*ck”.

 2. Beauty and the Beast

The 2017 movie played with the popular French phrase which may have gone over several heads despite its common use. When Gaston says “She’s the only girl that gives me that sense of ….”, LeFou responds with “hmn, je ne sais quoi?”. To this Gaston says “I don’t know what that means”. Well, the phrase “ je ne sais quoi” is a borrowed French phrase that literally means “ I don’t know what”. So, technically Gaston did know what it meant.

 3. Family Guy

Details Hidden In Foreign Languages
Details Hidden In Foreign Languages

The German man Chris met in the episode “German Guy” was named Franz Gutentag. The name translated to “good day” in German. But Mr. Gutentag was actually a Nazi under a fake name. His real name was Mr. Schlechtnacht which translated to “bad night”.

 4. My Name Is Earl

In the season one finale of “My Name Is Earl” Catalina was angrily talking to Joy in Spanish. But only the ones who understood Spanish knew that she wasn’t scolding Joy but talking to the audience. Her dialogues translated to “With this we conclude our first Earl season. We are grateful for your support and we look forward to seeing you next fall”.

 5. Deadpool

Deadpool 2 was full of subtle details that only eagle-eyed or hardcore comic book fans noticed. One of them was noticed by someone who could read Chinese. The board behind Deadpool that reads ‘死侍’ Chinese literally translated to “dead samurai” which also meant “Deadpool”.

 6. King of the Hill

Henry was speaking French on the phone at work in the episode “De-Kahnstructing Henry”. But who was he fooling? French viewers understood that Henry wasn’t discussing work but chatting about bikes.

 7. Futurama

Details Hidden In Foreign Languages
Details Hidden In Foreign Languages

In “The Honking” episode when Bender was at a haunted house, he came across the number “1010011010”. Some kept wondering why he ran off with a loud scream after that. No wonder he reacted like that because 1010011010 was binary code for 666 which is the devil’s number.

 8. The Good Place

In the profound comedy “The Good Place” season 1, Jason Mendoza uses the fake name Jianyu Li. No one understood it’s meaning until some Taiwanese viewers pointed out Jianyu Li wasn’t a common name in Chinese as it sounded like “prison”. Jason pretending to be a monk named “Jianyu” was foreshadow to the ultimate plot twist.

 9. Rampage

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was using a common American sign language while communicating about himself with George. What makes it interesting is it literally meant “Rock” which he used to for himself.

 10. Bojack Horseman

Diane moved into Le Triste apartments after divorcing her husband Mr. Peanutbutter. Even though “triste” in French meant sad, it could also refer to a tryst. It was indeed a tryst or secret romantic rendezvous between the former couple when Mr. Peanutbutter was cheating on his girlfriend with Diane.

 11. South Park

Details Hidden In Foreign Languages

In the 112th episode of South Park titled “Good Times With Weapons”, the boys were pretending to be ninjas with martial arts weapons that had just purchased from the fair. A Japanese song “Let’s Fighting Love” was playing in the background. But the lyrics were mocking at the silliness of the song and about the singer’s genitalia. Clearly, the lyrics dropped an Easter egg for the nudity scene that occurred later in the episode.

 12. The Thing

The opening scene of “The Thing” shows a Norwegian man warning MacReady about a dog. Everything that he shouted translated to “Get the hell outta there. That’s not a dog, it’s some sort of thing! It’s imitating a dog, it isn’t real! Get away, you idiots!”

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