10 Valiant Comics Superhero Movies That Could Happen After Bloodshot (Vin Diesel)

Valiant Comics Movies After Vin Diesel Bloodshot:

As the release date for Bloodshot draws nearer, the fans are getting amped up to learn more about the other superheroes that Valiant Comics has to offer for them. The Valiant Comic Book Universe is rich and diverse. It has a dedicated fan following that is not known outside its diehard fan circle. With the new Bloodshot movie starring Vin Diesel as the titular character, many even the casual movie-goers will soon learn more about Valiant Comics Superheroes. To that end, Valiant will probably work towards creating their superhero shared universe in the lines of the DC Extended Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And there are some recommendations from our end that fans need to look into if they would like this to become a reality in the future.

 1. Ninjak

Valiant Comics Movies After Vin Diesel Bloodshot

He is basically the Batman of Valiant Comics. Ninjak was the most successful agent that came out of MI-6’s Ninja Programme. Yeah, the British Intelligence Agency actually had a secret training program where they turned normal people into Ninjas!! Ninjak is highly resourceful and witty. He is a master tactician and strategist. Using just his skills and cunning, he once defeated an entire alien race called the Vine. Even Shadowman and X-O Manowar could not defeat Ninjak. When the powerful Super-Villain named Master Darque tried to cross paths with him, Ninjak tricked him into coming within the blast radius of a nuclear weapon and blew him to smithereens.

 2. Live Wire

Valiant Comics Movies After Vin Diesel Bloodshot

The world we live in today is one that is completely dominated and overwhelmed by technology. Anything that we do is directly or indirectly influenced by a machine algorithm. What is there was a person that could tap into the very core of such algorithms at will and manipulate them the way he or she wants to? That person would have the power to change the world. Amanda McKee is the world’s greatest techno-path. She is the Queen in every sense of the word. Using her powers to control technology, Amanda aka Live Wire has the power to destroy the world a dozen times if she felt like it. Imagine – the entire world’s nuclear arsenal is at her fingertips. She can literally control satellites and make them rain down on her enemies if she wanted to.

 3. X-O Manowar

Valiant Comics Movies After Vin Diesel Bloodshot

If you think the Iron Man armor was powerful, wait until you see the X-O Manowar suit. The Valiant Comics Universe has an unwritten rule – there is nothing weapon more powerful than the X-O Manowar suit of armor. It is a gift bestowed upon Aric of Darcia. The Manowar suit grants its user tremendous amounts of strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, stamina, and endurance. It also gives the user cloaking abilities. The suit also has an energy sword that can be conjured up by Aric. This sword can literally cut through anything. The suit itself has withstood point-blank range attacks from powerful alien warships. X-O Manowar has singlehandedly defeated entire armadas using nothing but the suit’s abilities.

 4. Divinity

Valiant Comics Movies After Vin Diesel Bloodshot

Gods do exist in DC and Marvel. But in Divinity’s case, Godhood was something that was bestowed upon him. Abram Adams was a Russian Cosmonaut who was sent to space. There he met a powerful space entity that granted him the power of rewriting reality as he wishes. The entity then mysteriously disappears and Adams is left to deal with the repercussions of his abilities. As the new Superhero Divinity, Adams tried to impose Soviet Communist ideology on the whole world. The fact that he re-wrote history and the entire timeline was changed because he willed it quickly blew upon his face when everything went into chaos. Divinity now works for the forces of good and considers himself a superhero on a path to redemption.

 5. Eternal Warrior

Valiant Comics Movies After Vin Diesel Bloodshot

Gilad Anni-Padda is the most powerful and the most famous of the three Immortal Brothers that were granted superpowers by the Boon. Gilad is considered the Erath’s Fist and Steel and he is the first line of defense for the Geomancers of the planet. Like a warrior that roams the world looking for enemies to take down, Eternal Warrior has become a person that is nigh invincible. His exploits have pretty much shaped the Valiant Universe and made it into what it is today. His role often makes him stand at odds with his superhero allies. But one thing is for sure –any person, superhero or supervillain, would rather have the Eternal Warrior as a friend rather than an enemy.

 6. Peter Stanchek

Valiant Comics Movies After Vin Diesel Bloodshot

Peter Stanchek is one of the greatest Harbingers in the Valiant Comics Universe. Harbingers are basically the Valiant Comics equivalent of mutants. But they do not have the X-Gene that creates mutations in them. Instead, they develop psychic powers when they reach a certain age. These powers grant them several abilities like mind control, telepathy, energy manipulation, and the likes. Peter Stanchek aka Sting is an Omega Level Psychic. His greatest ability is that he can use his powers to activate Harbinger abilities in other individuals. Stanchek can not only activate powers in other potential Harbingers but also unleash hell on his enemies with his own unique set of abilities.

 7. Shadowman

Shadowman was once the most valuable character of Valiant Comics. He had a popularity that rivaled both Ninjak and X-O Manowar’s combined. But the character’s popularity fell into disarray after the comic book publication stopped making any more Shadowman stories after Shadowman: End Times. Shadowman is no longer just one person. It is a mantle that is passed down from one worthy individual to the next. The current Shadowman – Jack Boniface, has several mystical powers derived from Voodoo magic. He protects the City of New Orleans from supernatural attacks. Shadowman would be a good addition to the Valiant Cinematic Universe.

 8. Rai

It is the year 4001. The country of Japan has taken to space. It is now a nation that orbits the planet outside Earth’s atmosphere and is supervised by a powerful cybernetic entity called the Father. The Father uses Rai to keep peace and protect the people of New Japan. Rai believes that it is his true purpose to serve the Father. When a murder rocks New Japan – a country that hadn’t seen such a criminal act in almost a thousand years, Rai realizes that the story of New Japan is all but a lie and Father is manipulating everyone. Thus begins Rai’s quest to lead his people out of Father’s clutches. Rai is the future descendant of Eternal Warrior and Bloodshot.

 9. Armstrong

Valiant Comics Movies After Vin Diesel Bloodshot

Armstrong was once a human living in ancient times. He and two of his other brothers stole a powerful artefact called the Boon. The Boon radiated energies that affected the three brothers and granted them immortality and near invulnerability. It also gave them super strength. Two of his brothers decided to use those gifts to wander the Earth and help people in need. Armstrong, on the other hand, decided to be a little selfish. He became the Immortal Poet. He would splurge his fortunes and surround himself with women all his life. Armstrong was targeted by the Sect but is yet to be successfully dispatched. Armstrong does have the most legendary exploits and adventures of the three immortal brothers – the other two being Eternal Warrior and Ivar, the Time Walker.

 10. Archer

Valiant Comics Movies After Vin Diesel Bloodshot

Born into a highly abusive household, Archer became mentally and physically tough because he suffered constant abuse at the hands of his father and mother. He escaped his misery and was then admitted into the Sect. The Sect is an organization of world-renowned assassins and they are very infamous for being impeccable when it comes to taking out impossible targets. Obadiah Archer was trained to take out the one target none of the Sect’s assassins could take out – the Immortal Armstrong. Obadiah knows a multitude of martial arts disciplines and is proficient in espionage and sabotage. He is also extremely adept and infiltrating the most secure of enemy lairs without any hiccups. The master assassin met Armstrong but ended up becoming friends with him. He is now a good guy.

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