Movies That Are Originally Funny Without The Special Effects

Movies Without Special Effects:

Most of the mesmerizing movies are a product of special effects nowadays. The digital wizardry deserves half the credit for all the successful movies like The Avengers, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter Franchise, etc. Without this tech, we can’t imagine magic and battles with the aliens and White Walkers. Furthermore, the fast development of technology is making our movie experience more and more memorable. There are also some cases of movies failed especially for overdoing the CGI.  But that’s not what we are going to touch upon. You can’t even imagine how hilarious and ordinary some intense and compelling sequences looked before the digital additions. Today we are going to revisit these raw scenes. Here are the movies that are originally funny without special effects.

 1. Harry Potter Universe

Name one of the best parts of the Wizarding World that you envied the most. We are sure that the broomsticks and the Quidditch popped up in your mind. Nothing raised our adrenaline rush more than the exciting Quidditch matches. In fact, the hair on her neck still rises when Harry and the Order of the Phoenix member fly from Harry’s home to Grimmauld place. But the reality will change the way you look at Quidditch and the broomsticks forever. Instead of flying over some ground in Scotland or over London, the actors would awkwardly stay mounted on a shaking fake broom, stuck in one place.

Now, is that a weird CGI toy (of sorts) that Hermione and Harry are riding instead of Buckbeak?

A part of me always wanted to believe there are real Buckbeaks out there.

 2. Avatar

James Cameron is the father of many digital inventions in the film industry. Avatar pioneered in the mind-blowing visuals that the audience never witnessed before. The key to success for the movie was the surrealism of the beautiful Pandora and the amazing 3 D effects. But the making of the film that heavily depended on motion capture was dreadful to watch.

It’s just a group of actors in weird suits and dreadlocks running around a set that looked like a warehouse or factory. But the best part that sort of reminded us of our childhood was the helicopter scene. The actors looked adorable, sitting in a helicopter set up and being moved by a few crew members.

 3. Beauty and the Beast

Disney has been breathing new life into his animation stories with live-action movies. Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens was one of the most recent and popular works. When Bella walks down the stairs with her captor, Beast to have a ball dance, some find it romantic while others called it Stockholm syndrome. But on the sets, Emma was dancing with an oddly shaped man high on steroids and heels.

 4. X-Men Franchise

How cool was it to watch Quicksilver running in slo-mo and saving his teammates? Of course, we know that he wasn’t running in superspeed in real life, but we didn’t expect the reality to be that hilarious. Behind the scenes, Quicksilver is just running on one spot with a serious face like a guinea pig on a wheel. The camera zooming on his face and a fan blowing his hair are simply cherry on the top. Imagine yourselves in Evan Peter’s place.

On the other hand, a fight sequence is dull without the Wolverine grunting and growling. As Hugh Jackman screams, we know that an awesome Wolverine move is on the way. But how does his screaming look like when you remove his claws and the enemies? Without them, Wolverine is simply a dork shouting at his screen wildly.

 5. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The last DCEU movies had been too high on CGI. Be it Superman’s jaw in Justice League or Batman’s suit and Doomsday, without the special effects, the movie would have been about a few men fighting in foam suit and riding toys.

But the funniest and most devastating BTS was when a random guy kicked Superman miles away.

 6. Captain America: Civil War

Civil War was one of the most anticipated MCU movies where a billionaire brat came to teach rules and regulations to a veteran of his dad’s age. But the most epic scene that Civil War is recognized for was the airport. We apologize in advance for taking away the thunder. Once the digital airport is removed, it’s just a group of comic book nerds pretending to fight in funny costumes. Why funny costume you ask? Well, have you seen the Iron Man in tights?

 7. Rogue One

No matter how used to we get with the CGI tech, its process will always tickle us. The actress who played the young Princess Leia and the actor who digitally revived Grand Moff Tarkin looked like they caught some kind of measles from outer space.

Adding on, the studio proved that you need not spend millions on a building when you can digitally transform the London Underground into Palace Imperial.

 8. Terminator

Movies Without Special Effects
Movies Without Special Effects

Terminator took us by storm by introducing amazing special effects. Arnold Schwarzenegger played the famous robot, T-800. With the green tattoo on his face and neon gloves on his arms, T-800 looked far away from an intimidating robot.

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