Was Pepper Potts Pregnant In Avengers: Infinity War?

The biggest Superhero thriller event, Avengers: Infinity War is currently playing in theatres and watching it just once may not be enough as the movie had so many things coming into play that you may not feel satisfied with just one viewing. Even before going into the movie, you may be having so many things going through your mind that may make you feel that you know quite a bit about the movie, but still, it ends up being the biggest shock of your life.

Avengers: Infinity War had so many characters bringing in their own story arcs converging into one epic storyline that you would surely think that it is a miracle for Joe and Anthony Russo to actually pull off an event of such massive scale. There were so many characters that not even the actors or people working on the movie would actually remember the total number of A-List actors working on this one.

Some characters helped the plot of the movie in a major way while some had minor contributions to make. One of those very little contributions in the movie and in the entire MCU has been made by Gwenyth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts. She is a real big deal when it comes to the Iron Man trilogy, but she has had very little parts to play in the two Avengers movies she has starred in.

The first Avengers movie had her motivate Tony in a very little way to work for what was coming. The second movie had her absent while she did appear at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming and announced her wedding with Tony. Now, right in the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, we see Tony and her talking about the next big step in their lives, which was bringing in a baby Stark into this world.

Pepper has always been the heart of Tony no matter whatever he does for this world. Iron Man 3 was driven by the relationship between Tony and Pepper and Tony went up to the extent of blowing all his suits to show Pepper Potts that she is really important, and her word means everything to Tony. Pepper Potts has always been afraid that Tony might lose his life trying to save the world all the time.

This also kicked in the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War where Pepper Potts denied that she wasn’t ready for being a mom yet since Tony has always been up to saving the world, and she may not want to raise the kid alone even though she knows that Tony would want to have a kid at this stage of her life. Then Tony is taken away by Bruce who he hasn’t met for 2 years, so Tony goes back to saving the world again. Towards the end of the movie, what Pepper was afraid of would have almost happened if Doctor Strange had not saved Tony from the Mad Titan.

But if you think about it, was Pepper Potts hiding the fact that she is expecting a baby from Tony? Since Tony would be the centre of the next movie, it would be really great to see this personal factor of Tony’s life be added to the Story. We already have a hint that at the end of Avengers 4, it may be Cap who sacrifices his life, while Tony Stark would be retired as a character. And that may be done by giving him a Paul Walker style send off, where he gets married at the end of Avengers 4, and will soon become a father as well, so he will stay away from the fighting for the rest of his life.

Moreover, saving Stark for future cameos may be a very interesting choice as there cannot be a second Iron Man. No one can replace Robert Downey Jr. The Character of Captain America can be replaced by passing the mantle to Bucky or Wilson, even though Evans is also irreplaceable, but there is only one Tony Stark, no matter what.

Avengers: Infinity War pepper potts pregent

Avengers: Infinity War is currently playing in theatres and Avengers 4 will conclude the 10 years of build-up of the MCU on May 3, 2019.  So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what Avengers 4 will have in store for us as it will surely be even bigger than Infinity War.

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