‘Black Panther’ Costume Designer Was Inspired By ‘Man of Steel’s Superman Suit

Black Panther was a groundbreaking masterpiece! There were many things that worked excellently in the movies and one of the reasons why the movie stands out and shines brightly is how amazingly, all the characters have been incorporated in the movies. Also, the story of the movie was beautifully crafted by Director Ryan Coogler. Right from the start to the end, every element worked just perfectly and what the Director wanted to deliver was delivered by so many powerful performances throughout the movie.

The movie brought in many cool new aspects like the display of Wakanda, the advanced Vibranium tech gadgets and the best out of all was the new Black Panther Suit. The old suit that Black Panther wore in Captain America: Civil War was amazing in every aspect, and nobody thought that they could top that suit, but with what they brought into the solo Black Panther movie, the Civil War suit was not even close to the tech the new suit had. It was more of a simple Vibranium coating that was used for defense as well as offense.

The new suit was fully made up of nanotechnology and vibranium and the entire suit was installed in the tips of the necklace that Black Panther wore. It would form around T’Challa’s body whenever he wants it to. Not only that, the suit absorbs all the kinetic energy thrown at it, recharges itself, and gives out seismic waves and attacks, so not only does the suit have the power of Vibranium which is the strongest metal on Earth, it can use in offensive measures to take down people who are not even close to Black Panther.

Now the suit designer, Ruth Carter has revealed from where he got the inspiration to design the new suit in this particular way. As we saw that the suit was sleeker this time around as the previous suit was a little bulkier. They cowl was also different and the texture and the detailing on the new suit was very and unique different. Well, Ruth Carter claimed that he was inspired for this particular design of the Suit by Man of Steel’s Superman suit. Here’s what he said:

“When I observed Superman’s suit and his texture, I could actually see the musculature underneath was silver. I thought this is fabulous for the Black Panther. We’re gonna use that suit, make it ‘vibranium,’ because it needs to feel laced in vibranium and have luminosity,” Carter shared. “The muscles needed to have the highlights that the silver would give underneath.”

Well, Carter was not the only one to be inspired by the suit as the production designer Hannah Beachler also took Snyder’s Superman suit as a source of inspiration. Here’s what she said:

“The idea behind it was there was always these circles and it has to do with vibration and sound and a lot of the stuff that we’re doing is sonic and based on sound and vibration, Vibranium is about vibration and soaking that vibration in. Then we started bringing it in as a design language and a lot of the society is based on that vibration and sound as communication and sound as life as well as water and air. Bringing that in really was a part of creating … Bringing that tradition and creating its own tradition. I created this text that I wrote about this is why we have so many round things.”

Well this is how things should work between Marvel and DC. Both these movie gigantic should keep getting inspired by each other and come up with new ideas. Also, along with this, an alternate suit design for Black Panther’s suit has hit the net. Ryan Meinerding, one of the designers posted an unused design of the Black Panther suit on Twitter.

Well, this suit actually makes Black Panther look more Panther-like, as the cowl, in particular, is more similar to a cat. There is nothing wrong with this suit but we’re glad that we did not get this version, because, we cannot have people like Tony Stark and Rocket making fun of Black Panther looking more cat-like when things would be serious in Infinity War.

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