Thor: Ragnarok Plot-Line Has Been Revealed And It’s Epic!

Although Thor: Ragnarok has hinted that it would take some plot points from Planet Hulk (Marvel Studios literally had a gladiator’s helmet and sword on display at Comic Con) it seems that there is now a confirmation about how much Planet Hulk will influence the entire film.

Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi had hinted of Korg making an appearance in the film, further propelling the significance of Planet Hulk. Korg was a fellow ally of Hulk who helped defeat the Red King in the planet Sakaar. Hulk star Mark Ruffalo had earlier talked about the new Thor movie as being an intergalactic road trip movie and a buddy team up movie. Now, new information has come out that may very well be the entire plot line for Thor: Ragnarok. The website Schmoesknow.com reported to having an exclusive on the Ragnarok plot summary:

“While on Ragnarok, Thor and Hulk end up having to fight their way out in the arenas. The arenas are run by The Grandmaster who has a rather tough enforcer named Skurge (Karl Urban) who plays a big part in the plot of the film. While fighting in the arenas Thor runs into the beautiful Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) a fellow contestant. The two earn each others respect and plot a way off the planet. Somehow, Skurge turns to the light and helps them escape. How this all unfolds is still a mystery.”

This supposed storyline also confirms what Skurge’s storyline would be about, it also puts in place the roles of Grandmaster(Jeff Goldblum) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson). Cate Blanchett has been confirmed to play Hela who will rule Asgard and banish Thor. Loki, when we last saw him in Thor: The Dark world was also doing some shady things in Asgard, so we can only assume he would side with Hela as well.

 Thor: Ragnarok

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