Major Reasons Why Batman Hates Superman

Why Batman Hates Superman:

Superman is that kid in Batman’s class who was born with qualities and privileges and gets away with every mistake. Batman has fair reasons to grow inhibitions about an alien with never-ending powers walking and flying freely on Earth. Name any power from flight to speed, strength, and laser eyesight, Supes has it all. No entity should be given so many unchecked powers as we don’t know if they’ll ever misuse it.

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Superman is treated like God on Earth who was sent from another planet as a savior. But the superhero is susceptible to mind control and temper. Now imagine the dangers that can befall mankind if evil takes over his mind. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice capitalized on this age-old debate.

The comic books have plenty of incidents when these DC superheroes were loggerheads. They have shared a bittersweet relationship over the years. Sometimes they are bonding over “Martha” and sometimes they fall apart over a dissent. It is also indicated a lot of times that Batman can simply be a racist who sees Superman as an outsider doing his job well. Find out the major reasons why the Dark Knight hates the Kryptonian Superman.

 1. Blamed Supes For World Engine

Why Batman Hates Superman

The World Engine was the main crux of the plot in Batman V Superman. Though it was brought by General Zod to terraform Earth for the Kryptonians, Batman blamed Superman for the destruction as well. Bruce suffered PTSD from the devastation of Man of Steel movie where Superman and Zodd fought. Not only did his Bruce Enterprise buildings fall, but even the guard working inside it also lost his legs. The devastation caused by the Kryptonians was too much for Batman to take in.

 2. Easily Mind-Controlled

It’s hard to believe that a hugely-built, powerful God-like hero’s mind can easily be infiltrated. The Man of Steel has been misused like a puppet by the most sinister villains over the years. They have used his strong body to commit unforgivable crimes. No wonder why Batman worries about Superman residing on Earth.

 3. Batman Has Inferiority Complex

Why Batman Hates Superman
Why Batman Hates Superman

We can’t blame Batman in this case. Bruce had a traumatic childhood as he witnessed his parents getting murdered. Since then, he underwent hard training in combat and relied on his intelligence to solve crimes. Batman is a personification of hard work and dedication where Superman was gifted with superpowers. Batman has to spend millions on his gadgets while Supes can cast laser from his eyes and throw heavy punches with the grace of the sun.

 4. No One Above Superman

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Superman has been given too much authority and freedom, especially for a man with unlimited powers. Everyone needs someone above them to watch over their actions. This ensures a fair and safe functioning of the society. But Superman’s actions are not watched or controlled by anyone. He goes around with his dangerous powers completely unchecked. It’s a chance of luck that Superman wasn’t tempted to capitalize on his powers and call himself the sole leader of the planet.

 5. Superman Uses Strength Over Brains

Superman is powerful and all but the man uses strength before brains. Can you recall the last time the Man of Steel started with dialogue instead of rushing for a punch like a stubborn man with hero complex? Even though he is treated as God, the Kryptonian wears emotions on his sleeves. Batman plans things and solves puzzles with his brains before showing off his biceps. Superman, on the other hand, is busy smashing things and carrying buildings. He is expected to use the other muscle sometimes, the brain.

 6. Superman Accused Batman Of Witchcraft

Why Batman Hates Superman
Why Batman Hates Superman

As mentioned above, the Man of Steel is easily penetrable. He was possessed by a genie in one of the issues where he falsely accused Batman of witchcraft and left his fate (or the fate of his head) in the hands of angry people from the 18th Century.

 7. Disagreements Over Ideologies

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Superman is the symbol of hope while Batman is the ‘baddest’ and cynical superhero of modern times. Superman believes in the good and has principles that he follows till the end of the day. While Supes cooperates with the world leaders, Batman is a vigilante who is at loggerheads with the authorities.

 8. Batman Prevents Crime By Investigating

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Batman legit works hard in fighting crimes. He knows that merely throwing punches won’t stop crime but works as a detective to sniff out the criminals from the shadows. He wades through the dark and dingy sewers to navigate the sinister masterminds, unlike Superman who flies around looking for trouble and creates more damage than the degree of the threat.

 9. Batman Doesn’t Trust Easily

No matter how good or bad Superman is, it’s irrelevant to some extent since Batman has trust issues. The man is highly cynical and expects other heroes to carry the same paranoia. He feels that Superman isn’t dedicated to his job as a superhero since he hasn’t sacrificed his family and love life like Batman who is a lone wolf.

 10. Wonder Woman

Why Batman Hates Superman
Why Batman Hates Superman

Yes! The two extraordinary men have fought over a woman as well. It obviously doesn’t take much to guess who that woman would be. Batman and Wonder Woman have had passionate moments together until Superman stepped in and got intimate with Wonder Woman in the recent comic book issues.

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