Wonder Woman Reveals A Huge Aquaman Secret That Will Shock You

Wonder Woman is not only the first female superhero in the DC Extended Universe, she is also the only hero who has a direct link to the characters of Greek mythology. This connection not only important makes Princess Diana’s story unique, it also gives the opportunity for the Extended Universe to have a richer story in the broader perspective. And with the debut of her solo movie, one DCEU hero’s origin also has a huge connection with the Greek Gods.

In the movie, Hippolyta tells her young daughter Diana a fabled tale of how the Amazons came to the island of Themyscira.

Ares, the God of War, had killed all of the other gods in Olympus, and they were put on the island by Zeus to keep Ares from ever wreaking havoc again. One of the gods that Ares struck down was Poseidon, God of the Sea who was also the original owner of Aquaman’s trident.

Hippolyta does not specifically detail the name of the God but any DC comic fan or Greek mythology fan could easily make out whom Poseidon was.

In the comics, Aquaman’s trident is currently considered a Relic of Atlantis. The owner of the Trident has changed with each story, some depicting Poseidon as the God of the Sea or Neptune as the owner. The film version seems to have gone with the former. The story in the movie seems to indicate that the Trident fell into the land of men after the death of its owner.

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Aquaman’s storyline may not be too concerned with the trident’s origin as the film will be more concerned with how the people from the sea have a huge problem with the land dwellers.But there is a possibility that Poseidon has a huge presence in the film if the connection with Wonder Woman is going to be concentrated on.

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