Who Is Deadpool 2’s Main Villain? Here’s The Possible Answer

Deadpool 2 has been gaining attention for the addition of mutants Cable and Domino. The addition is highly anticipated as the trio are expected to helm the upcoming X-Force movie. Micheal Shannon has been rumored to play the part of Cable while Domino will be played by Zazie Beetz. But putting that aside, the Deadpool team have remained quiet about the prospects of the movie and whom the heroes would be battling.

Deadpool 2

Deadpool has encountered some outlandish villains in his time [and sometimes even his own consciousness] but the one that fans have speculated to be up for the part is either Stryfe or Mr. Tolliver. Stryfe and Tolliver have a huge past with, which starts from the beginning of Cable’s origins, it is more than likely that either would be the villain facing Deadpool and company for a raucous cat and mouse game.

Stryfe and Mr. Tolliver, like Cable, are from the future who have deep roots when it comes to the character. Since Deadpool was a glass breaker, the complicated story between the three characters may also break boundaries of what superhero genres should be.

deadpool 2
Deadpool 2

In the comics, Tolliver is the son of Cable’s arch-enemy and clone Stryfe. Stryfe had impersonated Cable for a long time, even convincing the ones he trusted the most that Cable was the clone and not him.

Stryfe also brainwashed Tolliver [who is also his son] into a mercenary killer with a target on Cable. Tolliver has also hired Deadpool to attack Cable and the New Mutants and also had Deadpool kidnap Domino so she could be replaced by Deadpool’s girlfriend, Copycat. To make matters more complicated, Tolliver is also Cable’s real son tyler whom he thought was dead. If the Deadpool writers had a chance to align this complicated story into a more condensed version for the silver screen, the Deadpool lore will certainly be delved into deeper than the first film.

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