How Hawkins Lab Creates A Big Kali Power Plot Hole In Stranger Things 4

A huge part of the first part of Stranger Things 4 followed Eleven as she went down memory lane to restore her powers. The flashbacks revealed her time back in the Hawkins National Lab, among all the test subjects. All of them are different from each other in ages but their powers are somewhat the same. And this creates one of the biggest plotholes in the narrative, given how 008, aka Kali, introduced in Season 2, had very different powers. And we think we might have just solved this major season 2 Kali plot hole in ST4!

Stranger Things 4 sees Dr. Brenner training his test subjects to hone their psychokinetic abilities. He seems to be testing their powers against each other to check their strength and their focus. The important thing to note here was every single one of those students has the exact same powers. The origin of these powers has always been a bit of a mystery in the plot of the series. While many thought that their source was the Upside Down or the drugs that the Lab administered to their parents, Season 4 later reveals that this was all the courtesy of Brenner’s first test subject, 001.


The season saw 001, aka Henry Creel, born with these powers that Brenner later implants in his subsequent subjects. So, every one of those 17 kids has the same powers. Gradually, we learn that Henry’s powers actually had no limits. He had psychokinetic abilities and the telepathic abilities that he uses in Stranger Things 4 as Vecna. But none of the other kids had realized they had this power, except for Kali! Moreover, she didn’t seem to possess the psychokinetic abilities as the others.



We see Kali for the first time back in Season 2 when the audience had just started to learn about El and her history. At the time, 008 revealed some major stuff about El’s past that helped solve some pieces of the puzzle. But what was more important was the fact that Kali had a vastly different nature of powers than El. She could build illusions in her targets’ minds that she used to escape after robberies. If you have noticed, this is very similar to what 001 did with his parents and the teens of Hawkins. But given the fact that 001 was the subject X on which every other test subject is based, everyone should have the same powers, right?!


Kali Power Plot Hole

So how come Kali is the only one who mastered this ability but El and the other kids were unaware of it? Did Brenner specifically choose 008 for these powers? Because this might just be the case, given how he is in charge of helping those kids develop their powers. This also lines up with what 001 had to say about his OCD. And we think he was right! Brenner might have found a way to splice up 001’s powers and distribute them among his subjects. And he might have the perfect reason- No one becomes as strong as 001.


001 reveals that the unimaginable extent of his peers led Brenner to de-power him with a chip. Because Brenner couldn’t control his powers. So what if Brenner split his powers to establish more control over the kids? There’s no doubt that Brenner is a mad scientist who will do anything to establish control. And this is what he did! However, unlike 001, Kali used these powers for good- to escape from that madhouse. Furthermore, her escape and his lack of control over her could be the reason why he never went to replicating those powers of 001 ever again.


What do you think about this Kali Power Plot Hole? Do let us know if we helped you clear that up in the comments section below!

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