6 Best Movies About Drug Addiction

Drug abuse has increased many folds among this generation.  There are many celebrities who had openly talked about the drug addiction. Movies are the best way to represent  a life of a drug addict. Here is the list of 6 best movies on drug addiction.

1) “Less than Zero” (1987)


Less Than Zero is an American drama film. This movie is about a guy named Julian who comes from a wealthy family in Beverly Hills. He is gets involved with his ex-best friend’s ex-girlfriend Blair. The movie uses a very good graphic, and it gave great exposure to the drug lives of young wealthy post-college grads in the 80s.

2) “Rush” (1991)

Rush is an American crime/drama film. The movie is about two cops who work as a narcotics detective. While solving a case they become drug addicts themselves and, failing to get the evidence they need.

3) “Trainspotting” (1996)

Trainspotting is a 1996 British black comedy crime drama film. This movie is shot in the poor town of Edinburgh, showing the process of getting the drug, the ritual of doing the drug, and how the drug sucks you back in time after time.

4) “Permanent Midnight” (1998)


Permanent Midnight is a drama film. Ben Stiller did an excellent job of serious drug addict role. This movie has some serious scenes of needle and insertion of needles, and the scene in the office where Stiller and dealer are jumping against windows.

5) “Requiem for a Dream” (2000)

Requiem for a Dream is a 2000 American psychological drama film. The movie is about the four people who are doing their best in the world wind up succumbing to drugs. Despite the fact they have lofty aspirations, these four people wind up getting into the dirtiest, and most disturbing parts of the drug underworld.

6) “Pure” (2012)

Pure is a 2002 British film. The movie is about a 10-yearold boy who is trying to deal with his mother’s heroin addiction, and how he saves her.

Think before getting stoned!

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