Drug Addiction

  • 7 Times Drugs Destroyed The Lives of Biggest Celebrities

    Use of drugs and alcohol have always been associated with the lives of celebrities. As soon as they are blessed with more money and fame, the addiction to certain things in their lives is inevitable, especially drugs. However, some of them overcome the consequences of drugs and come back stronger on their lost path. So today we are going to…

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  • Newsdrug addiction movies

    6 Best Movies About Drug Addiction

    Drug abuse has increased many folds among this generation.  There are many celebrities who had openly talked about the drug addiction. Movies are the best way to represent  a life of a drug addict. Here is the list of 6 best movies on drug addiction. 1) “Less than Zero” (1987) Less Than Zero is an American drama film. This movie…

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  • 5 Female Celebrities who have Successfully Battled Drug Addiction

    We dress up like them, we behave like them, but we don’t know what they have faced in order to achieve. However, while idolizing them, we often forget that they are just humans. Sometimes they have to struggle a lot or sometimes due to some sort of experiences and tensions they fall into the trap of drug use and become…

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  • 5 Hollywood Actors Who Have Successfully Battled Drug Addiction

    Drug and alcohol are the one thing that fascinates youth around the world. Celebrities are no different from us. A number of celebrities have admitted to being drug addicts in their early days of fame, some of them got over this addiction while some of them are still struggling. Here are the 5 Hollywood actors who have successfully battled drug…

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