The Black Panther Suit Has Insane Abilities and Powers

Black Panther is set to hit theaters with the initial release date of 12th February 2018 in the United Kingdom. It’s not unlike marvel to notch up marketing efforts leading up to the release of a movie if only to create anticipation for the upcoming film.

The movie ‘Black Panther’ is the build-up to a culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Infinity War) you can be sure that there will be more than one Easter eggs in the final release.

Of the six Infinity gems, five of them have been discovered and one is yet to be found. The sixth Infinity gem – Soul stone is speculated to be hidden in the Kingdom of Wakanda ruled by Black Panther.

The movie has been directed by Ryan Coogler, the first Black man ever to be at the helm of Marvel movie. He confirmed that movie will not be a traditional origin story as he has already been introduced into the MCU. Here’s what he said about the movie:

“What’s great is that people have already met Chadwick Boseman in Civil War, so now we get to jump in feet first without having to tell a more traditional origin story. We meet him as his world is changing. Black Panther takes place right after the events of Civil War, so T’Challa’s father has just been killed, he has returned home to Wakanda, and T’Challa has to navigate potentially becoming the new ruler of this nation. He never intended to become the king for years because he figured his dad would be around for a long time. T’Chaka’s death is, in a lot of ways, the catalyst for everything that’s happening in Black Panther.”

The actor Chadwick Boseman expressed his thoughts on the upcoming movie, here’s what he said:

“In this movie, a lot like politics, it’s a little tricky to define who’s a good guy. The film very much plays with those concepts, looking at conflicts and different motivations, and who’s with who. What makes him different from other superheroes first and foremost is he doesn’t see himself as a superhero. He sees himself as a politician. That’s the first thing on his mind when he wakes up in the morning: ‘How am I going to fulfill my duties as king of this place?'”

He added:

“It’s funny, because on one hand, the Marvel movies that I’ve liked the most are the ones that are funny. I love Ant-Man. But for me, most of the time the darker superhero movies are the ones that I gravitate towards, that I love the most. So I’m glad that I’m not in an Ant-Man. I’m glad that the tone of the movie may be a little grittier. I just wanted to establish that from the beginning, that’s what we were doing. That that’s what I intend to do. I feel like we’ll end up in a place that I’ve always wanted to be when I look at superhero movies. Those are the ones I like the most. It’s exciting to do that.”

Marvel Entertainment recently uploaded a video on their YouTube channel that may provide fans with some information regarding the new Black Panther Habit (his vibranium suit) that T’CHALLA Dawn’s in Black Panther. The video has been reproduced below for your scrutiny.

The Breakdown

What do we really know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s iteration of the Black Panther Habit?

We know that like in the comics the Panther habit is passed down from generation to generation, leader to leader of the panther tribe of Wakanda. When the Panther goddess deems the Panther leader worthy, they dawn the Black Panther Habit. We also know that the suit is made of the most coveted metal in the entirety of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Vibranium.

The same material that Captain America’s shield is made of, and the very metal which was reverse engineered to create Adamantium (the metal that has been coated on Wolverine’s bones). We also know that Vibranium is a metal (at least in the comics) that absorbs and then redistributes or negates any form of kinetic energy (aka force) applied to it.

That is why Captain America jumps out of a plane without a parachute.

The metal does more than just absorb the vibrations, it allows the user (of the shield of the suit) to channel any kinetic energy (or vibrations) absorbed by the shield or suit or any casting of the metal. Vibranium is one of the strongest metals in the Marvel  Cinematic Universe for this very reason. The metal not only redistributes but also allows the user to channel the force applied to it with very little modification.

That is the reason why Thor’s Mjolnir could never penetrate through Captain America’s shield. This feature of kinetic energy redistribution is showcased in the video above and kindly explained by Black Panther aka T’Challa’s sister Shuri.

The clip, aptly titled by Marvel Entertainment as  ‘Kinetic Energy’, showcases Shuri remotely driving a car and aiding T’Challa in pursuing suspects. The more clips I watch the more I realize how good this marvel rip off of Batman is and how Marvel finally got the lone vigilante right.

Black Panther, unlike his other superhero contemporaries, has no superpowers. All he has is a drug that enhances his senses, or would the tribesman call it a herb. Regardless, Black Panther only has the ‘herb’ and his vibranium suit at his disposal to match literal Gods.

The herb only partially aids T’Challa, the suit, on the other hand, is arguably one of the most coveted pieces of armor in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, nay, in the entirety of Marvel multiverse (not counting the Spiderman captain universe suit for personal reasons).

The Black Panther Habit was traditionally only battle armor but as the Wakandan technology has improved over the years, so has their smithing skills. The new Black panther habit, it seems, has Vibranium woven into the entirety of the suit and works based on nanotech. That might also explain how the Black Panther Habit appears out of thin air and eats away at T’challa’s suit in the movie clip.

The suit also has finger extensions in the shape of claws (of course) forged out of pure Vibranium. The claws that can cut through anything even other Vibranium castings because comic logic dictates the only thing that cuts through Vibranium is more Vibranium.

Black Panther

It’s safe to conclude that with the above clip and some low-level speculation that the Black Panther Habit featured in Black Panther (airing on 12th February in the United Kingdom) will probably hold all the features of it’s Marvel Comic’s counterpart.

The suit is not only indestructible but it also allows T’Challa to revert any force applied on it, making Black Panther one of the deadliest human alive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here’s the official synopsis released by the Marvel Studios:

“After the death of his father, T’Challa returns home to the African nation of Wakanda to take his rightful place as king. When a powerful enemy suddenly reappears, T’Challa’s mettle as king — and as Black Panther — gets tested when he’s drawn into a conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Faced with treachery and danger, the young king must rally his allies and release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and secure the safety of his people”.

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