The Unseen Concept Arts of The Underwater Iron Man Armor Revealed

The MCU has shown us so many Iron Man suits throughout Tony’s run. In fact, something tells us that we will get even more of suits with Rhodey still being around, and upcoming characters like Riri Williams, Norman Osborn & others. Iron Man 3 was the movie that featured the greatest number of Iron Man suits. In fact, there were so many of them that all the suits barely got any screen time before being blown up. I would’ve been cool to see Tony don multiple House Party armours instead of just roaming around in a prototype suit throughout the entire film. One of the coolest Iron Man armours in the film was the Mark XXXVII – Hammerhead aka the Underwater armour.

Unseen Concept Arts of The Underwater Iron Man Armor

This suit did show up in the final battle, but we didn’t get to see its real purpose being realized. It would’ve surely been awesome if Tony ever wore this suit for an underwater mission. Actually, Tony’s purpose of blowing up all his suits wasn’t really clear because it really had no effect. He was back with the Avengers. And those suits that had distinct abilities could’ve been of great help in the future battles. Anyway, here are some unseen concept arts for how Hammerhead could’ve looked:

Let’s hope that someone will take the mantle of Iron Man. And maybe, just maybe, we will get to see an Iron Man suit travel to Atlantis when Namor comes around. What do you think about that? Now that I’m thinking about it, so many cool things could’ve happened if Namor came into the MCU sometime in Phase 2 or Phase 3. So many crazy stories could’ve been told. But it wasn’t meant to be. At least we’re getting him now. So, that’s a win in itself.

Who do you think will take on the Iron Man mantle? Will it be a hero or a villain? Tell us in the comments.

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