10 Marvel Female Superheroes Who Could Get Their Own TV Shows

As the fans have reacted really well to the news of Scarlet Witch and Loki getting their own TV shows, it is not a big deal to wonder whether other MCU characters could also get TV shows attached to their names. Disney’s upcoming streaming service and the acquisition of Fox would open up some great opportunities for Marvel to really expand their catalogue having a well-established Cinematic Universe.

We have made a list of Superheroes (mostly males) who should get their own series on the Streaming service, and now it’s time to consider the Marvel female superheroes to get that opportunity as well. If Scarlet Witch can get a 6 episode series, we could have other characters out there expanding the Universe even further. Here is a list of all Female oriented shows that could happen:

 1. She-Hulk

Marvel Female Superheroes

With the Hulk making it big in the movie Universe, the fans have been really persistent with their demand for She-Hulk to be included in the Universe as well. What better way could be there for Disney to introduce her in a mini-series, and may have Mark Ruffalo make cameos after he gets retired from the movies. Jennifer Walters gained all the powers of the Hulk after she got a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner. We need to see that happen. Probably Thunderbolt Ross could come on with Red Hulk, who knows!

 2. Valkyrie

If Marvel does not bring back Thor, then we can be sure of the fact that they should continue with a story of Valkyrie. Tessa Thompson’s character did have some weight, and we all can agree that she can continue in the MCU and must be given an opportunity for that as well. If Disney is making TV shows for their streaming service, they could do one with Valkyrie and pull in a great audience as well. Who wouldn’t love to see Taika Waititi’s Korg support her? That could happen and we know it!

 3. Nakia

We can safely say that Black Panther is now an extremely beloved franchise (it will become one without a doubt), and obviously, the movie stood out with its amazing cast. After Nakia makes her return in Black Panther 2, she could probably lead a secret mission somewhere in the world and Marvel can make a series out of it. The Dora Milaje can assist in the story as well. That would expand the cultural diversity of the smaller screen.

 4. Shadowcat

It has been recently rumoured that Deadpool director Tim Miller is onto a Kitty Pryde movie. If the acquisition of Fox gets done before the movie gets fully in motion, then we will surely not get that movie. So why not a TV show? Shadowcat could be a unique way to take the mutants forward in the MCU. The likes of Rogue could also chip in!

 5. Mockingbird & Agent 13

We were about to get a show with Mockingbird after her character was retired from Agents of SHIELD until it was cancelled. Perhaps now could be a good time to do that. Sharon Carter aka Agent 13 has only appeared in the last two Captain America movies and perhaps will have her last movie appearance in Avengers 4. We could get some more of her in a team up show with Mockingbird. Agent Melinda May could also have a sort of an extended cameo to make things interesting!

 6. Kamala Khan

Kevin Feige mentioned the fact that after Captain Marvel is successfully introduced, they will expand the female wing of the MCU by introducing the likes of Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel. So after she gets a good introduction, why not have a mini-series that would explore her character even further. People would love a new face leading a show!

 7. Iron Heart

Recent rumors suggest that Marvel wants to continue the Iron Man franchise with Iron Heart after Robert Downey Jr. retires. So, perhaps give her a TV show if not a solo movie. Riri Williams aka Ironheart is the successor to Tony Stark and she is the creation of Brian Michael Bendis who wrote her as a young teenage prodigy who manages to reverse-engineer the Iron Man armor tech all by herself while studying at MIT. She’s eventually discovered by Pepper Potts and Tony Stark while doing some moonlighting in the armor. She gets the major support of the couple and gets the push to become a Superhero. We could easily see this happen with Gwyneth Paltrow making appearances as Pepper Potts.

 8. X-23

X-23 has proven to be a great character in 2017’s Logan and Marvel may use her when they acquire Fox. Wolverine could be a big thing in the movies, and X-23 could lead her own TV series on Disney’s streaming service! It would be a great deal to witness. The show could be set up in a future down the line (similar to Logan) for the story to work.

 9. The Wasp

After we get a final movie in the Ant-Man trilogy, Disney could announce a big budget series with the Wasp leading the story. Evangeline Lilly is already big with ‘Lost’ and her gig with Marvel, so we could always have an extension of her role on the streaming service if there is no place for her in a big team-up crossover in the movies.

 10. A Force

This is being pushed to become a big thing in the movies division, but if it does not end up happening, then Disney could at least give the fans what they want with a TV shows. The likes of Black Widow and Captain Marvel may not be a part of the show, but the fans could at least get a great team of females led by Scarlet Witch and the Wasp. There could also be other characters like Okoye, Nakia, Kamala Khan, She-Hulk and even Medusa (why not!).

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