11 Quotes That Prove Joey Wasn’t As Dumb As We Supposed

It’s been twelve years that F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ended but none of us has or will ever be able to get over them. As much as we all love them all so much, Joey has a special place in our hearts. Joseph Francis Tribbiani is someone we will all love the most.


That’s A Great Story, Can I Eat It?

And that is how Joey makes us understand that when hungry, a person doesn’t like anything. Unless given what is needed, no other thing would ever be loved than food for that is the need at the moment.

Just Because You Don’t Understand Something Doesn’t Mean Its Wrong

So truly put, just because one doesn’t understand something does not make it wrong. It only means that the particular thing is not right for others but it is for the people who think it is right.

I Don’t Really Know What That Means

Joey is never hesitant to accept the truth. He doesn’t mind not knowing something. Rather than lying and making a fool of himself sometime later, he would just prefer telling the truth.

The Line Is A Dot To You

Well, when we are really far away from something, it does seem like a dot to us, regardless of how that big thing really would be. That is what Joe is trying to prove. He is just trying to tell that this is how far Chandler was from his point of view.

You Put Turkey In People’s Mouth

Joey has his own ways of making people understand what he wants to say and being himself is his way. that is what he does the best. Since he loves food, he clearly wants Monica to cook and thus tries to bring her in with the point by telling her not to put words in people’s mouths but to put turkey instead.

I’m Curvy And I Like It

Joey is not at all afraid of judgment. He is proud to be who he is and even more proud to show and accept that he loves food like crazy. He likes the way he is. He loves himself enough.

You’re At Joey’s, Rach

As Rachel moves in and apologizes for dropping a few noodles, he instantly tells her it isn’t a big deal. It wasn’t that he liked to live in a dirty place but only that he liked to live carefreely.

It’s A Moo Point

“it’s a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. It’s moo!” all that really makes sense to me though.

Is That What A Dinosaur Would Do?

He simply tries to talk to Ross the way he’d like it. All he is trying to do is to motivate and encourage Ross by being someone Ross might understand.

That is just so beautiful.

What’s All Your Furniture Pointed At?

“you don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?” that really does blow my mind away to the query that if one doesn’t own a TV, what does their furniture actually point at?

Or Maybe You All Are Hanging Out Here At 11.30 On A Wednesday

he makes so much sense as he just tries to pass a comment while everybody is discussing how their bosses hate them. He gives an answer on which we laughed too much but something actually makes a lot of sense.



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