4 Major Things That Gave Superpowers To Captain America During Operation Rebirth

Operation Rebirth is one of the most super soldier projects in the Marvel world. US Army decided to take its army operations to next level by augmenting the efficiency of soldiers. In order to get the victory in World War II, the army wanted to bring a new line of soldiers way better and efficient than normal soldiers. Ever wondered how Captain America got his superpowers? Though he doest not fly and has no cosmic powers, still he is a superhero. So, let’s get to the core this project and check out five things that happened during the project.

 1. The project was a collaborated effort

4 Major Things Happened During Operation Rebirth Which Gave Superpowers To Captain America

Operation rebirth was a collaborative effort of eugenicists from USA, Britain, and Germany. Abraham Erskine and Koch took the lead of the program which later led to the chemical formation of Super Soldier Serum(SSS) which worked to a certain level and Vita-Ray didn’t. It was believed that the project would work on anybody. However, it only worked in one out of four.

2. First mutant experiment

The project delivered two failed experiments with Protocide and Queen. The mutant experiment was don eon Queen. All the causalities and experimentation happened before Steve Rogers was injected with the Super Soldier Serum.

3. Steve Rogers becomes Captain America

Steve Rogers was one of the luckiest frail soldiers, who did not have to suffer through vulnerabilities caused by the experiment. The Super Soldier experiment enhanced his normal abilities into superpowers giving strong strength, super healing ability, strong intelligence, resistance to hypnosis and a strong hand to hand combatant.

4. Abraham Erskine dies

Few moments after the experiment, the creator of Abraham Erskine was murdered. The worst part was that Erskine never documented the experiment, so all the applied refinements vanished with him. The best part is that Steve Rogers survived and the world saw him emerging as the most powered soldiers of the comic book world.

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