Top 10 Standout Tracks By Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots, a schizoid pop band from Columbus, Ohio, consists of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. With their through-provoking lyrical style and exciting live shows, the band has gained a massive fan following worldwide. It is a blend of indie rock, electronic and rap. So based on the commercial success and fan-favourite criteria, here are the top ten standout tracks by the group.

1. Migraine

This track served as the first track on their album Vessel. Just like it sounds easy from the outside, it digs into the relation of stress to anxiety, mental illness, and depression. That’s way deep!

2. Ode to Sleep

After this track, we must say that the band never always follow the genres, but rather create one. It appears in their album Vessel and begins with a dark beat and then streams into different moods through the song. Moreover, it expresses Joseph’s inner emotional struggles and demons.

3. Holding On To You

Written for their second studio album Regional at Best, the song also appears in third studio album Vessel. Unpredicted rhythm and unexposed temp change are what smells like them. The song strongly relates to those who are facing hard times.

4. House of Gold

Released as the third single from their third album Vessel, the band’s frontman Joseph wrote this song for his mother, where he takes care of her when his father is not around. The song begins with a ukulele riff, where the video shows the members torn in half, expressing their career and family.

5. Stressed Out

Released for their fourth studio album Blurryface(2015), the song was written by Joseph. It describes the transition from adolescence into adulthood. It topped the Hot Rock Songs and Mainstream Top 40 charts, reaching second on Billboard Ho 100. Pretty nice ranks!

6. Guns for Hand

This song appears on their second self-released album, Regional at Best and two years later on Vessel(2013). It relates to all the struggles who fight from suicide, depression, and self-harm. And it was released only in Japan, making it a fan magnet.

7. Trees

Featured in both Regional at Best and Vessel, Joseph’s regional upbringing brings a new taste to this track, conveying about the isolation throughout the cryptic message.

8. Tear In My Heart

Released as the second song for their album Blurryface. Well, Jose takes on heavy drumming with a catchy rhythm. In addition, it is one of the top chartbusters for the band grabbing number two spot on The Billboard Alternative Songs chart.

9. Heavydirtysoul

Juxtaposed with rap and digital beats, it is hard to define the genre they blended in this song. The track appears on their fourth studio album Blurryface, breaking the boredom of similar genres and bringing out-of-the-box sound.

10. Car Radio

Appeared on second and third studio album, in this song, Joseph talks about his car radio being stolen when he was in college. The song video is simply exceptional and expresses Joseph’s loneliness and frustration.

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