What Makes Bloodshot Even More Un-Killable Than Wolverine And Deadpool – Explained

Bloodshot More Un-Killable Than Wolverine And Deadpool:

The Valiant Universe is one of the lesser-known superhero comic book universes that has slowly risen in popularity over the years. Having some of the greatest superheroes to boast like Ninjak and Bloodshot, it was only a matter of time before the comic book publication allowed its characters to jump to the movies. Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot is the first Valiant Superhero character to get its own live-action adaptation. Starring Vin Diesel in the eponymous role, Bloodshot is actually a mantle and not a name. It is shared by multiple characters with different origin stories but with the same signature ability – a body that can heal itself faster than it can be wounded. Bloodshot is virtually immortal and his body is an unstoppable force of nature. But how is it so?? What makes Bloodshot’s healing factor so God-Like that it can rival both Deadpool and Wolverine’s?

Bloodshot More Un-Killable Than Wolverine And Deadpool

The Bloodshot trailer revealed that the movie will be packed with incredible action sequences and scenes powered by top-notch CGI. It will also feature a lot of evil characters with their own set of abilities. Bloodshot’s trailer shows us that it is a movie that will ride completely on the shoulders of the lead actor Vin Diesel’s protagonist character. It’s action sequences remind us of The Last Witch Hunter and the Fast and Furious movies with a tinge of Riddick. They are slow-paced, steady and detailed. That is a signature Vin Diesel movie. Vin Diesel has already acted in superhero movies before. His voiceover for Groot is well-known. This time, it will not be just his voice he will be lending. Vin Diesel has personally confirmed that the Bloodshot superhero character enticed him to such an extent that he was forced to sign the deal as he felt that it was an amazing opportunity to portray a very good character.

The question still remains – What and who is Bloodshot?!? How come it could seduce the attention of an actor of Vin Diesel’s calibre??

Bloodshot More Un-Killable Than Wolverine

As we said, Bloodshot is a mantle. Many characters have assumed the role of the silver-skinned super soldier from the depths of hell. The first person to assume the role of Bloodshot was a mobster that went by the name of Angelo Mortalli. Angelo was the right-hand guy of a powerful American Mob Boss. When his boss found out that Mortalli was sleeping around with his daughter, he had him exposed and killed. Luckily, Hideyoshi Iwatsu – a scientist that was currently working on a superhuman project called Project Rising Spirit, managed to get his hands on Mortalli’s corpse. He injected the dead body of Angelo Mortalli with a serum composed of tiny microscopic robots called nanites. Those nanites not only brought Mortalli back from the dead but also gave him incredible abilities of regeneration and close quarter combat. Bloodshot first appeared in a small appearance in Eternal Warriors #4. He then appeared in Rai #0. Kevin Van Hook, Bob Layton, and Don Perlin created the character.

But one of the three creators of Bloodshot –Bob Layton, thinks that the mantle of Bloodshot belongs not to Mortalli but another person. And the name of that person is David Chlystek.

The character that Vin Diesel plays in the movie, which is the one we also saw in the trailer, is called Ray Garrison. Both David Chlystek and Angelo Mortalli’s characters ran into legal troubles over copyright issues and thus Valiant was forced to use a different name to steer themselves out of troubled waters. Ray Garrison shares a lot of similarities when it comes to an origin story, with Angelo Mortalli. Like Mortalli, he was brought back from the dead and meticulously manipulated by the authorities to do their bidding. But the twist is – he is not a man that is going after people that killed his ‘family’.  As a matter of fact, the family that Ray Garrison thinks was killed are actually fake memories implanted by Guy Pearce’s character to manipulate Bloodshot into killing people that his organization wants dead. Bloodshot is actually a carefully put together lab rat that is given fake memories of betrayal and murder every time before a mission to stimulate the most powerful human emotion to ever exist – vengeance.

Bloodshot More Un-Killable Than

There is no such thing as a secret. Not in the comic book world anyways!! One day or another, the truth was bound to come out. Bloodshot soon finds out that he was being used to take down military targets of high strategic value and all those memories of a family that was killed were fake and kept changing every time a new target was ordered to be assassinated by Bloodshot, the face of the target being pasted over and over on the head of the person who actually killed hi, giving Bloodshot a new face to hate every time he “woke up”. This drives Bloodshot mad and he goes rogue, defying his captors and deciding to unravel the secrets of the Organization that created him to stop the inhuman process of being repeated again on some other poor soul.

Un-Killable Than Wolverine And Deadpool

And thus the story of Bloodshot is born. One person’s vengeance backed by a superhuman ability to not die no matter what the enemies throw at him. Bloodshot is powered by an army of self-replicating nano-tech robots that live within his bloodstream. These robots instantly heal Bloodshot. A knife wound, a stab, disease, poison, or any other form of death cannot kill Bloodshot. And there is a very novel method adopted by the people who created this technology to ensure the person who has it never dies. These robots have actually downloaded the entire genetic and anatomical make-up of Bloodshot. They are like a backup drive on a computer. Even if you cut a limb or destroy Bloodshot’s body – these nanites that contain the backup data know-how to remake his body simply by using his genetic make-up to recreate his body structure from scratch if need be. Like a computer with a backup drive can never truly lose its data, Bloodshot will keep coming back as long as there is even a single nanite in his bloodstream.

As a result, the healing factor that Bloodshot has within him is significantly more powerful than Wolverine and Deadpool’s and it is because Bloodshot’s army of nano-tech robots guiding and protecting him. But that is not the only ability that Bloodshot has. The nanites also grant him the ability to camouflage himself and become invisible. They also allow him to control technology to a limited extent. The technology also allows Bloodshot to have a heightened sense of awareness of his surroundings. The nanites can also adapt and update them-selves instantly if the situation demands it. Bloodshot can no longer be manipulated with fake memories because the nanites have figured out a way to prevent it. Bloodshot also possesses the power to learn extremely quickly. The nanites come pre-loaded with several forms of close quarter combat that can be accessed by Ray Garrison which makes him a lean, mean martial art powered fighting machine.

Valiant Comics has already brought several writers and artists to pen a comic book series on Bloodshot for Valiant Comics Publications. This is for the fans that really want to know the superhero and would like to be a part of the Valiant Universe’s ever-increasing fan base. There are also a lot of video games coming up that will star Bloodshot, Ninjak, Eternal Warrior, and more such Valiant Superhero characters for the gaming enthusiasts. Dan Mintz, Founder, and CEO of DMG Entertainment – the company that owns Valiant Comics, states and we quote:

Bloodshot More Un-Killable Than Wolverine And Deadpool

“We’re thrilled to bring Valiant’s characters back into the video game industry and give fans the opportunity to play as their favorite superheroes. Translating these characters and stories to video games could not come at a more exciting time as we introduce the world to the Valiant Universe on the big screen with the Bloodshot release. These games are poised to become further proof of these characters’ immense potential as anchors in pop culture.”

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