5 Most Unexpected Twists Ever in Hollywood Movies

Movie twists should be unpredictable, crazy and amazing. I mean any predictable movie twist would make you feel cheated. There are some twists that will leave you speechless and then there are twists that will make you feel, ‘what the hell just happened?’ So, today we bring you some of the most reckless twists ever in the Hollywood movies.

Who is the killer? – Switchblade Romance


What’s the Twist?

Marie is shown as one of the women who is on the hit list of the serial killer. So, the twist is that she herself was the killer and she has constructed these events as part of her being schizophrenic.

‘Dream’ – Boxing Helena

What’s the Twist?

So, the twist is that it was all a dream. Yes, a dream. Dr. Nick Cavanaugh had this dream where he amputates hit-and-run victim Helena’s arms and legs. He had this dream while she was in the surgery.

Mark Ruffalo Was the culprit – Now You See Me

What’s the Twist?

FBI agent Dylan Rhodes aka Mark Ruffalo was the man behind the magicians, Daniel aka Jesse Eisenberg, Henley aka Isla Fisher, Jack aka Dave Franco and Merritt aka Woody Harrelson. Now, the question is, why did he bring these together? And the answer is that he wanted to take revenge for his father’s death.

Kevin Spacey creates situation to get arrested – The Life Of David Gale

What’s the Twist?

So, basically, things were not the way you saw. David Gale didn’t rape and murder Constance Hallaway. Though David was supposedly arrested for the same. Bitsey Bloom, the reporter gets a tape, which reveals that Halladay committed suicide and Gale placed his DNA and created situations wherein he could get arrested.

The Film Ends abruptly – Jurassic Park 3


What’s the Twist?

So when Alan and the rest of the survivors reached the beach, Ellie called in the Marines to save the day. Just when you feel that something awesome will happen, the movie suddenly ends.

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