Arrow Season 6 Finale Will Feature Major Legends of Tomorrow Member

The one that started the legendary Arrowverse is Arrow. Oliver Queen returned from five hellish years in Lian Yu with only one goal – To save his city. He did that and more. Arrow was the first superhero show on the small screen not just on CW after studios believed that the genre had run its course. It shattered the myth created by entertainment pundits that a show based on a popular comic book hero can’t be commercially viable and TRP generator.

Oliver Queen’s success as the Green Arrow and the resultant colossal spike in TRP led The CW network to order more show spun off from the original Arrowverse show. The Flash followed soon after. It was pitched as a family show as opposed to dark superhero show that Arrow was. In fact, there is a one-liner which summarizes this perfectly, Oliver Queen said to Barry Allen in a crossover episode – “You live in a city where villains have cute nicknames”. But Flash has also gone darker and perhaps the reason why there is a dip in its TRP’s now.

The season 1 of ‘The Flash’ was a massive success as it featured one of the most dreaded and smartest speedster Prof. Harrison Wells aka ‘Reverse Flash’ played by Tom Cavanagh. He totally nailed his character and fans loved every moment he was onscreen. He was menacing and gave Team Flash chills down their spine. But season 2 and season 3 were not as impressive as the debut season. They also had evil speedsters as villains namely Zoom and Savitar but they were doing bad things just for the sake of it, out of rage, but without a tangible purpose.

But season 4 is going great as it has the non-speedster as the big villain. He goes by the name ‘The Thinker’ who is the smartest man alive. He has absorbed the meta-human powers of 6 bus metas and Team Flash does not have the slightest clue on how to stop him.

Then there is also Super Girl that lies in another universe but has frequent crossovers with the mainstream Arrowverse. CW bought the rights of the show from CBS after they failed to tap the potential of such an amazing comic book character. And buoy Supergirl has done remarkably well under the banner of CW. Black Lightning may not be an Arrowverse show in stricter terms but it lies somewhere on the periphery.

The Legends of Tomorrow came after the Flash but it has now managed to become CW’s greatest TRP juggernaut in its latest iteration. And one of the members of Legends of Tomorrow will soon be found back in the show that started it all. The Arrow Season 6 finale will feature a major Legends of Tomorrow member.

Arrow Season 6 Finale

Legends of Tomorrow Star and captain of the Waverider, Sara Lance is about to return back to the show that introduced her to the Arrowverse. Sara Lance has become an integral part of the legends. But before she did that, she buried roots in Arrow first. She is the sister of deceased Laurel Lance and daughter of former SCPD Chief Quentin Lance.

Sara Lance is soon going to star in Arrow Season 6 finale. Although the details of her return and why the hell she is returning back to the show is still everyone’s best guess, we may have some plausible theories to satiate the confused minds.

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Sara Lance is now, as we said, the Captain of the time-traveling ship called the Waverider. She now commands her own super-powered crew as she takes roundabout trips throughout time and space to repair time and fix aberrations and anachronisms. Before she grabbed the steering wheel in Legends, Sara was the member of League of Assassins where she got combat training.

She made recurring appearances in Season 2 of Arrow. In season 3 of the same show, Sara was killed by Thea Queen who shot a deadly arrow into her chest while she was under the influence of her bloodlust. But in the subsequent episodes, she was resurrected back using Lazarus Pit. Her soul was restored by demon hunter Constantine. She then joined the Legends headed then by Captain Rip Hunter.

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Collider has recently reported that Sara Lance will return to Arrow in its season 6 finale. The finale episode for Arrow will air on May 17. The Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 will air its final episode roughly a month before that with the episode being titled “The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly”. Sara will star in the Legends Season 3 finale along with the rest of the crew of the Waverider.

There will also be guest appearances for John Constantine, Jonah Hex, and Jax Jefferson. Many are already assuming Constantine and Jax will become a permanent part of the Legends in Season 4 of the hit TV Show.

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We have one theory as to why Sara would bother returning back to the present Star City timeline. She could be returning back to the city after hearing about the news of Laurel Lance being alive. Black Siren, Laurel Lance’s doppelganger who made her debut in the Arrowverse in Flash Season 2 was next seen in Arrow. She later became a part of Cayden James’ Cabal and made life hell for Star City and the Green Arrow.

After being literally chased to an inch of her life by Dinah, she assumed the identity of Laurel Lance and told everyone she was actually the woman who is considered a legend and a hero of Star City. Sara could be returning back to her hometown to investigate as to what is going on.

Since Black Siren is secretly working for Ricardo Diaz while living with Quentin Lance, Sara may not be as trusting as her father is for the Black Siren. She may blow her cover and expose her to Quentin Lance who then pulls the rug out of her. She is away from everyone and everything but when it comes to her sister Laurel, she wouldn’t want an imposter to sully the legacy of Black Canary.

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legends of tomorrow arrow

Another plausible theory that is making the rounds on the internet. It involves Sara’s Ex-Girlfriend, Nyssa Al Ghul. She recently returned to Star City to hunt down the league of Assassins Offshoot aka the Thanatos Guild who were looking for Thea Queen. Nyssa, at the end of the episode, decided to hunt down the three remaining Lazarus Pits and destroy them before they fall into the wrong hands.

Nyssa was accompanied by Thea and Roy into her new globetrotting adventure. It is quite possible that they will be outnumbered and outsmarted by Merlyn’s loyalists who will stop them at all costs. Maybe, Sara Lance will come to know of this situation and rescue them from ultimate death. Well, we will find out.

Here is the official synopsis for Arrow season 6 finale episode titled “Fundamentals” as released by CW:

“In his darkest place yet, Oliver (Stephen Amell) wonders if he has failed at everything – being a father, a mayor and a hero. His frustration rising, Oliver lashes out at Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and William (guest star Jack Moore). A surprising visit from an old friend has Oliver questioning his next move. Ben Bray directed the episode written by Speed Weed & Emilio Ortega Aldrich”.


As the description says Oliver Queen will again reach to the place where Prometheus took him, dark and gloomy where he questions very thing he has done as a Mayor of Star City, as the brother of Thea, as the husband of Felicity, as a friend of Diggle or as Green Arrow. He reaches to his breaking point once again but this time a ghost from the past visits him, the best guess is Malcolm Merlyn who will try to reason with him or may just become the reason for this ultimate fall.

What do you think? Why is Sara Lance returning to the Arrow Season 6 Finale??

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